Costco Synear Soup Dumplings Review

Soup dumplings from Costco delicious, savory, soft, flavorful authentic Chinese Dumplings!

Costco Synear Soup Dumplings bag
Costco Synear Soup Dumplings

Today I’m reviewing the Costco Synear Soup Dumplings! If you don’t already know I basically have tried all of the dumplings, gyoza and potstickers available at Costco and these Synear soup dumplings are new to my Costco so I decided to pick them up to review.

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Costco Synear Soup Dumplings open bag with dumplings in it
Costco Synear Soup Dumplings

Location in Store

You can find these soup dumplings in the freezer section and the item number is 8888123.


Ahhh these are so delicious and amazing! Definitely one of the best dumplings I’ve tried from Costco for sure. There’s a generous amount of super flavorful chicken and onion filling in each dumpling that’s seasoned to perfection.

Costco Synear Soup Dumplings cooked and on a plate
Costco Synear Soup Dumplings

Using the pan-fry skillet method on the bag the dumplings turned out golden crispy on the bottom and pillowy soft on the top. The dough isn’t too thick and is a little delicate so you have to be careful when removing them from the skillet.

Costco Synear Soup Dumplings cooked and on a plate
Costco Synear Soup Dumplings

At first, I was a bit disappointed that these didn’t come with any dipping sauce but after trying them my husband and I both agreed that they don’t need any additional dipping sauce, they’re super tasty on their own and bursting with flavor.

Costco Synear Soup Dumplings cooked and cut in half close up image
Costco Synear Soup Dumplings


I paid $14.99 Canadian for the 1.36 kg bag of dumplings. Which isn’t bad considering how good these are!

Costco Synear Soup Dumplings description on bag
Costco Synear Soup Dumplings


The best before date on the soup dumplings from Costco is almost a year from the date I purchased the dumplings. The dumplings need to be kept frozen and are a product of the USA.

Costco Synear Soup Dumplings Cooking Instructions
Costco Synear Soup Dumplings Cooking Instructions

The bag has cooking instructions to cook the dumplings. You can pan-fry the dumplings in a skillet or use the stove top steamer method. I used the skillet method and they became golden brown on the bottom quite quickly and steamed really well. Sean even commented that I had done a good job cooking the dumplings!

Costco Synear Soup Dumplings Cooking Instructions
Costco Synear Soup Dumplings Cooking Instructions

These Costco soup dumplings are a great appetizer or could even be an entree. We had them as our main dinner with a salad and I was satisfied! I ate about seven or eight and was full.

Costco Synear Soup Dumplings Nutrition Facts
Costco Synear Soup Dumplings Nutrition Facts



Eight Costco Synear Soup Dumplings is 310 calories, nine grams of fat, 38 grams of carbohydrates, one gram of fibre, three grams of sugar, nineteen grams of protein and 800 mg of sodium. That’s actually not that many calories and fat but it is quite a bit of sodium! I actually felt pretty full after eating seven or eight dumplings for dinner.

Costco Synear Soup Dumplings Ingredients
Costco Synear Soup Dumplings Ingredients


I’m loving the ingredients list, there’s no preservatives and the ingredients are all things I recognize and know what they are! The delicious filling is chicken with onion so these don’t have any pork. They’re dairy-free but not gluten-free or vegetarian.


Taste: 9.5/10

Cost: 8/10

Convenience: 7/10

Nutrition: 7/10


Must buy!

These Synear Soup Dumplings from Costco are super super good and I would definitely repurchase them, I look forward to finishing the ones in my freezer!

Have you tried these? What did you think of them?

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10 thoughts on “Costco Synear Soup Dumplings Review”

  1. Just finished a bag of Beef/Pork/Onion dumplings – Having lived in China and eaten many (and made) types of dumplings, these are really good. Low calories/fat/sugar and delicious! I have to mark purchases with the store name now so I can re-find them! These are on my Costco finds list – Costco has a good selection of tasty Asian foods. Really hope they are still there.

  2. I managed to snag a bag once. When I went back for more they were all gone. I think my Dartmouth CostCo will carry popular things once, and if it’s popular, the supply goes to other stores. Someone should investigate my insane conspiracy theory.

  3. Hi All,
    We recently come across this post and want to thank you all for the positive and encouraging feedback. Yes, we were told that our Chicken Soup Dumplings were flying off the shelves.

    Great feedback like that ensures that we keep getting orders from Costco. Meanwhile, we are also looking at introducing more products in the near future. Feel free to send me an email. I am happy to inform you once Costco restocks or when we launched other products.

    Best Regards,
    Helen C (Synear Foods)

  4. They have these in BC now! Got a bag at the Richmond BC Costco. Had them this even as a side dish with our wonton noodle soup. They were delish! Even my mother approved!

  5. About how many are there in a bag? How big are they? I appreciate all your reviews. You saved me from trying the pork schnitzel!


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