Costco Benjamin’s Traditional Pork Schnitzel Review

Pork schnitzel is a family friendly dish made of pork chops with a crust on the outside. It’s versatile enough to be paired with a variety of side dishes but can be a bit time-consuming to make from scratch. Now you can enjoy pork schnitzel at home with the Costco Traditional Pork Schnitzel. Is it worth picking up for your family dinner? Find out below!

Image of a box of the Costco Benjamin's Traditional Pork Schnitzel sitting on a table.
Costco Benjamin’s Traditional Pork Schnitzel.

I love finding new frozen entrees at Costco and the Benjamin’s Traditional Pork Schnitzel is something I’ve never seen at my Costco before so I decided to buy it to try and review on the blog.

Image of a plate of schnitzel with mashed potatoes on the side.
Mashed potatoes go well with schnitzel.

I actually haven’t had schnitzel before other than when I tried the Costco Ventera Pork Schnitzel so I’m excited to be reviewing this one! Similar products from Costco are the Hampton House Dry Garlic Ribs, Schwartz’s Smoked Meat, Costco 44th Street Beef Pot Roast, Kirkland Signature Chicken Parmigiana on Cheese Lasagna, Kirkland Signature Fish & Chips Meal Kit and the Kirkland Signature Chicken Burger Meal Kit.

Side view of the side of the box of Benjamin's Pork Schnitzel.
The schnitzel can be cooked in the air fryer or in a pan.

Location in Store

You can find this in the freezer aisle at Costco, the item number is 1661671.

Top down image of three pieces of pork cooked and on a white plate.
Golden brown and crispy!


The schnitzel came out nice and crispy. Cooking it in the pan worked well when I got the cook time and temperature right. It isn’t too greasy and the breading isn’t too heavy either. I like the ratio of breading to pork. It’s nicely seasoned, but without any overly strong flavors.

Closeup image of a piece of schnitzel cut in half so you can see the inside.
Lean, moist pork on the inside.

I can see this going with a lot of different dishes as the seasoning is fairly neutral. The meat seems to be pretty good quality. I notice a bit of fat in some bites, but not to the point that any is inedible. 

Top down image of a plate with one piece of schnitzel with mashed potatoes on the side.
So simple and yummy!


The 1.30 kiligram box of schnitzel with 9 to 12 pieces costs $18.99 Canadian. The number of pieces varies from box to box (see box note), as does the size of the various pieces of schnitzel in the box. 

Image of the bag from the box containing frozen pieces of pork schnitzel.
The number of pieces in each box varies.


I cooked the pork in a pan on the stovetop with avocado oil. It turned out really well – at least after I burned my first batch by setting my burner on medium heat and trying to wait nine minutes per side as the instructions said. I found about six minutes a side was about right. 

Schnitzel cooking instructions from the box.
Cooking instructions.

The best before date is about 11 months from when I purchased the schnitzel and it needs to be kept in the freezer and cooked from frozen. The schnitzel isn’t pre-cooked so you have to ensure it reaches an internal temperature of 165 degrees Fahrenheit.

Product description from the box.
I think pierogis would be delicious with schnitzel.

I recommend serving the schnitzel with rice, mashed potatoes, french fries or a potato salad along with some vegetables!

Three pieces of frozen schnitzel cooking in a pan.
Cooking the schnitzel in the pan with avocado oil!



One 130 gram piece of schnitzel has 230 calories, 12 grams of fat, 12 grams of carbohydrates, one gram of fibre, zero grams of sugar, 20 grams of protein and 560 milligrams of sodium. This definitely isn’t as healthy as a plain, baked chicken breast. The sodium is a bit high but it’s not outrageous.

Nutrition facts from the box.
Nutrition facts.


The schnitzel is not gluten-free and contains wheat, milk and egg as well as some ingredients I’m not fond of such as soy protein concentrate and palm oil shortening.

Ingredients from the box.


Taste: 8/10

Cost: 7/10

Convenience: 8/10

Nutrition: 3/10


Give it a try!

Both my husband and I liked this! It doesn’t come with any sauce so you can be creative with it and make your own versatile dishes or keep it plain and simple!

Have you tried this schnitzel? What did you think of it?

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11 thoughts on “Costco Benjamin’s Traditional Pork Schnitzel Review”

  1. I want to buy this- ITS DELICIOUS AND CONVENIENT!!! Why has Costco discontinued it!!!!! PLEASE GET IT BACK 🙏

  2. Where can these be purchase now that Costco no longer will carry them?
    I cannot find the company contact so I can email them or find other places to order from. I need my fix! lol

    • I’m wanting to know that as well as I’ve tried to find any information and it always comes back to Costco and get Costco no longer provides this!!!!

  3. I bought a box of this schnitzel during today’s Costco run. I saw it in the freezer section and I thought I would give this a try. I make schnitzel from scratch on many occasions, whenever I need a schnitzel fix.

    Anyway, I tried one almost as soon as I got it home. I prepared it according to the air fryer instructions. Once cooked in the air fryer and the 2 minute rest, I had a taste and I must say that I am quite impressed. In fact, I am so impressed that I will be returning to Costco in the next day or two to pick a couple of more boxes, so that I will at least have enough schnitzels for a long while in case Costco decides not to sell it any longer (I hope Costco will keep selling this forever). Now I won’t have to make schnitzel from scratch whenever I need a fix.

      • Agreed! These were really good. Totally underrated. I asked this past Costco visit and was told they weren’t selling well. Not sure why they didn’t do samples to get people to try them. We loved them and are also sad that they are no longer available. Anyone know where else to get these? I’m Canada? We miss them!

        • I saw the date of your comment and am shocked. I saw them on the Instacart list and decided to try them today. Initially the report said they were out of stock, but then they were in my box when the shopper delivered them. We tried them at dinner and were very pleased. Today bein g May 28th, 2023. Hopefully that employee was wrong. I’m in Winnipeg, and for sure will order them aggain.

    • I wish I was a smart as you and had bought extra as they have now quit making it or buying it and I found it absolutely delicious and so convenient!!!!

  4. Left a previous review on the tempura shrimp and mentioned companies including instructions for Air Fryers. see that Benjamin’s have included this on their package. So glad to see as trying to avoid oils and other greases. thanks for this review


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