Costco Le Chic Patisserie French Macarons Review

Are you a fan of the round, delicate, sweet, crispy and chewy cookie known as the macaron? Macarons are difficult to make at home and can be expensive to buy from a bakery. These Costco Le Chic Patisserie French Macarons are reasonably priced and look as good as the bakery version, but do they taste nearly as good? Find out below.

Costco Le Chic Patisserie French Macarons box sitting on a table.
Costco Le Chic Patisserie French Macarons.

Macarons are a really popular gluten-free, fancy cookie! They come in all different flavors and are known for their crisp shell and chewy, sweet center. My Costco is carrying these new Le Chic Patisserie French Macarons and I decided to pick them up to try and review because I’ve reviewed the other brand of macarons that Costco carries, the Tipiak macarons.

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Image of all six flavors of macarons on a white plate laid out in a circle.
Pistachio, salted caramel, raspberry, chocolate hazlenut, chocolate orange and vanilla.

Location in Store

You can find the macarons in the refrigerated bakery section, in the cooler with the refrigerated cakes and other desserts. The item number is 1647503.

Image of all six flavors of macarons on a white plate laid out in a circle. top down closeup image.
Ready to enjoy!


The macarons are all light with a fairly crisp shell and a good amount of chewiness. They’re very good for a grocery store product, though bakery macarons that I’ve had have a crisper shell. One thing that stands out to me is how fresh these taste for a store-bought macaron.

Vanilla – Quite sweet with a mild but noticeable vanilla flavor.

Closeup image of one vanilla flavor macaron.
Vanilla macaron.

Pistachio – Not overly sweet with a pleasant but not overpowering pistachio flavor. 

Closeup image of one pistachio flavor macaron.
Pistachio macaron.

Salted caramel – Another one that’s on the sweeter side, but the caramel flavor is really nice. It tastes like it has actual caramel in the center.

Close up image of one salted caramel macaron.
Salted caramel macaron.

Raspberry – On the sweet side again, but has a great raspberry jam flavor (complete with a few seeds!). The center seems to be filled with actual raspberry jam.

Closeup image of one raspberry flavor macaron.
Raspberry macaron.

Chocolate hazelnut – I found the chocolate flavor a lot more noticeable than the hazelnut. They almost seem more like a pure chocolate macaron to me! The hazelnut flavor is there, but you really have to look for it. 

Closeup image of one chocolate hazelnut flavor macaron.
Chocolate hazelnut macaron.

Chocolate orange – Very sweet with a strong artificial orange flavor. The chocolate filling takes a backseat, but you do notice it.

Closeup image of one chocolate orange flavor macaron.
Chocolate orange macaron.

Overall I love the flavors of these macarons. I think the salted caramel and raspberry were my personal favorites. 


The box of 36 macarons costs $17.99 Canadian which is really reasonable. One macaron at my local bakery costs $2.35. These Costco macarons are $0.50 per macaron!

Product description from the box, almonds are from California it states and there are no artificial flavors or colors.
The macarons has almond flour made of almonds from California.


The macarons come in a plastic shell that’s sealed with clear plastic in the front. It’s not resealable, but the macarons are separated into three cells with 12 macarons in each cell, so you can open them 12 at a time and keep the others fresh. I really like this since not everyone wants to eat 36 macarons right away!

Image of the macaron packaging showing twelve macarons in each plastric tray with plastic wrap, two of each flavor per tray.
Twelve macarons per plastic tray.

The macarons need to be kept refrigerated and the best before date is almost three weeks from the date I purchased the macarons. I think the macarons would be great served at a bridal shower, baby shower, engagement party or any get together! They’re also nice to have at home just to enjoy whenever.



The nutrition facts vary slightly depending on the flavor of the macaron but they’re 100 calories or less and four and a half grams of fat or less, the carbohydrates range from 12 to 15 grams, fibre is one gram for all six flavors, sugar ranges from 11 to 14 grams and protein is two grams for all six flavors of macarons. These nutrition facts are for two macarons.

Nutrition facts from packaging.
Nutrition facts.


The main ingredients in macarons are sugar, egg whites and almond flour. They’re a gluten-free cookie because they’re made of almond flour! Just because they’re made of almonds and are gluten-free it doesn’t make them healthy. The vanilla and chocolate orange flavor contain carrageenan which is banned in foods in the European Union due to being linked to some negative health consequences.



Taste: 9/10

Cost: 9/10

Convenience: 10/10

Nutrition: 0/10


Give it a try!

Overall I love the flavors of these macarons. I think the salted caramel and raspberry were my personal favorites. 

Have you tried this brand of macaron? Do you prefer these or the Tipiak ones at Costco?

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  1. If you read the ingredients please note MAY CONTAIN WHEAT.
    It would be dangerous for someone with celiac disease to believe your comment, made several times that these are Gluten Free.
    This is why celiacs must always read ingredient labels


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