Costco Rojo’s Street Corn Dip Review

Are you looking for a fun new dip for your summer gatherings? The Rojo’s Street Corn Dip from Costco is a dip based on the classic Mexican dish. It seems like it could be very tasty, but I was curious how corn on the cob would translate into a dip. Read on to find out!

Costco Rojo's Street Corn Dip sitting on a table.
Costco Rojo’s Street Corn Dip

We were having our parents over for Mother’s Day and I needed an appetizer so I picked up this Rojo’s dip from Costco.

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Location in Store

You can find the dip in the refrigerated deli section, near all the other dips, cold cuts and cheeses. The item number is 1220662.


This is like a layer dip that’s been mixed together with corn added. It tastes like a blend of a mild cheese, sour cream and salsa, even though that doesn’t quite match the ingredients list.

Costco Rojo's Street Corn Dip top down image with lid off.
Ready to enjoy!

It has a nice amount of heat – mild enough that I don’t think it’s too spicy for anyone but definitely noticeable. The kernels of corn add some texture and a pleasant corn flavor.


The dip comes in a 907 gram container and costs $11.99 Canadian. The price is reasonable for such a large dip!

Costco Rojo's Street Corn Dip with lid off and a closeup photo of a spoon with the dip on it.
The street corn dip goes well with tortilla chips, raw vegetables and crackers!


The Costco Rojo’s Street Corn Dip pairs well with tortilla chips, crackers, raw vegetables and you can even spread it on corn on the cob! You could also use it on tacos or fajitas.

Costco Rojo's Street Corn Dip top down image showing the top label on the container.
The dip can be served hot or cold. I’ve only tried it cold.

The dip must be kept refrigerated and the best before date is about a month and a half from the time we purchased the dip. Although the best before date is quite long, I recommend eating the dip within seven days after opening it.



A two tablespoon serving is 70 calories, six grams of fat, three grams of carbohydrates, zero grams of fibre, one gram of sugar, one gram of protein and 170 mg of sodium. If you can eat two to four tablespoons the nutrition facts aren’t terrible for a dip! The thing that’s hard to do is only eat a few tablespoons, plus you have to factor in the nutrition facts of your chips.

Costco Rojo's Street Corn Dip nutrition facts label.
Nutrition facts.


All the ingredients listed are what I would expect to see in this dip, like many other dips it’s gluten-free. There’s lots of dairy in the dip like yogurt and different cheeses. This street corn dip also contains mustard and eggs.

Costco Rojo's Street Corn Dip ingredients label.


Taste: 8.5/10

Cost: 7.5/10

Convenience: 10/10

Nutrition: 2/10


Give it a try!

We served it at a family gathering and everyone seemed to enjoy it. I’d buy it again!

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9 thoughts on “Costco Rojo’s Street Corn Dip Review”

  1. Our whole family loves it! It is fantastic. I didn’t think to use if for anything other than a dip but seeing some of the comments makes me want to try some of the suggestions.

  2. Today the demos at Costco in Sharpsburg were busy with new products street corn dip is really tasty. It is great with tortilla chips, veggies, etc. Try it you will like it!!!

  3. Got this at the Myrtle Beach COSTCO on June 17th 2023. I was behind a woman who bought it so I looked at it and asked her about it. She said it is really good, so I took her word for it. It’s great. Got a bit of a bite to it so I’m glad it’s mild. I will definitely buy it again if I see it. Also I have a gluten intolerance and it is GF.

  4. Absolutely Delicious!!!
    I slice up cucumbers and dip those.
    Sometimes I spread it on bread for a chicken sandwich.
    And the BEST with tortilla chips.
    Great flavor……..wish I could find in my local grocery store

  5. Just found it in the Corrales NM Store a couple of weeks ago but couldn’t find it today – we would like it back again as well.

  6. The Roseville CA Costco carried this Street Corn Dip product for a while and stopped.
    Can we get this back on the shelf at that store? It’s seriously tasty!

    • My goal was not to waste it so I experimented using it in many dishes. I spread it onto frech bread with cheese, baked at 400 for 15 min, then uncover for 7 more. Hint, Keep the edges covered.
      I also made it the base of a enchilada filling, adding pulled chicken, sour cream and cheese. Topped with a sauce made from the dip. I mixed some dip with milk, cream of chicken and spicy salsa. Yum.
      I tried it as a pasta dish as well. I added peas and cubed ham to some dip. I made a simple roux, added pepper, then whisked in milk and vampire garlic cheese and swiss. After the pasta sauce was ready, I folded it into the noodles and topped it with previously frozen breaded chicken tenders.
      Let me tell you what… the entire dip is gone.


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