Costco Waterbridge Sponge Toffee Bites Review

Sponge toffee is known to be sweet, light, crisp and crunchy. Crunchie is a famous chocolate bar that combines sponge toffee and milk chocolate. How do the Costco Waterbridge Sponge Toffee Bites taste in comparison to the Cadbury bar that people love so much?

Costco Waterbridge Sponge Toffee Bites bag sitting on a table.
Costco Waterbridge Sponge Toffee Bites.

I scoured the snack section during my last Costco trip to find some new treats to review and came across these Waterbridge Sponge Toffee Bites. We usually don’t buy any treats with toffee in them so I wanted to try these!

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Location in Store

You can find the sponge toffee bites in the snack section a Costco,near the front of the store. The item number is 1514559.

Image of a bowl with Costco Waterbridge Sponge Toffee Bites poured into it. Top down image.
They look really delicious!


The first thing that you notice is that the toffee bites are very hard and crunchy, maybe a bit stale tasting! The toffee inside is light, but as I said before, hard and crunchy. Most of each bite is toffee as the layer of chocolate on the outside is fairly thin. 

Closeup image of one Costco Waterbridge Sponge Toffee Bite./
The bite-size makes them easy to snack on.

If you’ve ever had a Cadbury Crunchie bar, these Sponge Toffee Bites are similar but not as good. They’re quite a bit sweeter and the toffee isn’t as light, fresh and crispy, it’s harder. The bite format is easier to eat than a bar with how crunchy the sponge toffee is, so that’s a plus but I favor the Crunchie bar over these.


The bag costs $9.89 Canadian at Costco which isn’t completely overpriced but also isn’t exactly cheap and I wouldn’t pay that again based on the taste.

Closeup image of one Costco Waterbridge Sponge Toffee Bite with a bite taken out of it so you can see the center.
What the inside looks like.


The bag reseals which helps keep the toffee bites fresh but, even with the bag being resealable we noticed they taste a bit stale after a few weeks. The best before date is about nine months from the date the sponge toffee was bought.

Because these are bite-sized they’re a bit more convenient to snack on versus buying a whole Crunchie bar, but like I said, they’re not as good.

Costco Waterbridge Sponge Toffee Bites product description from the bag.
The resealable bag makes the sponge toffee bites portable and convenient.



You can’t expect sponge toffee to be low in calories or sugar. A 1/3 cup serving is 230 calories, seven grams of fat, 40 grams of carbohydrates, zero grams of fibre, 33 grams of sugar, two grams of protein and 65 mg of sodium.

Costco Waterbridge Sponge Toffee Bites nutrition facts from the bag.
Nutrition facts.


The Costco Waterbridge Sponge Toffee Bites are basically made out of a lot of sugar. There are zero healthy ingredients and the toffee bites contain wheat and dairy and may contain peanuts and tree nuts.

Costco Waterbridge Sponge Toffee Bites ingredients from the bag.


Taste: 6/10

Cost: 6.5/10

Convenience: 10/10

Nutrition: 0/10


Walk on by!

If you’re a fan of sponge toffee and milk chocolate, stick to the Cadbury Crunchie Bar.

Have you tried these? What did you think of them?

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6 thoughts on “Costco Waterbridge Sponge Toffee Bites Review”

  1. I disagree with this top review about the taste of these wonderful CANADIAN chocolate covered toffee. They obviously are Cadbury fans and didn’t give a good unbiased review. The bite size is just perfect and the taste is absolutely amazing. And there was NO WAY after two weeks it tasted stale. Mine have been opened for over two months, because I have been trying to stay away from them, BUT NO way are they stale. They are very ADDICTIVE, and if you want a GREAT tasting snack this is the one to buy. Laurel MacLean 😷🇨🇦

    • I just want to know who makes Waterbridge Chocolate and candy. They appear to be a packager only and not a manufacturer.

  2. Costco doesn’t carry these anymore.
    I love them. Now I have to find another place that sells them.
    I never found them to taste stale, and they are sponge toffee.

    • They have a factory store in Pickering but from my experience visiting it the items sold there are all well past their best before date and in my opinion fall into the stale beyond belief date. I have never bought anything form this outlet due to the old and white appearance of their chocolate, cookies.


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