Costco Mamamango Mango Moscato Review

Combining sparkling Moscato with tropical and sweet mango puree the Costco Mamamango Moscato looks like the perfect summer drink! You may be wondering, is this mango Moscato too sweet? Is it versatile and does it taste more like a sparkling fruit juice or a wine? Find out below! When I … Read more

Costco Salt Spring Coffee Review

Costco carries a variety of coffee beans. This Salt Spring Coffee is an organic, fair trade dark roast. These coffee beans smell amazing, but I could say that about most coffee beans! What really matters is whether they make a tasty cup of coffee! Today I’m reviewing the Costco Salt … Read more

Costco Kirkland Signature Vodka Review

Costco liquor stores carry two different kinds of Kirkland Signature vodka. Today I’m reviewing both of them – the more expensive French one and the cheaper American version. This was a tricky review for me as I’m not a big vodka drinker but I shared my vodka with a few … Read more

Costco Paul Brassac Organic Sparkling Juice Review

A fun and fruity, non-alcoholic sparkling beverage from Costco to celebrate with! Today I’m reviewing something from Costco that’s perfect for New Year’s Eve. The Costco Paul Brassac Organic Sparkling Juice! This is a non-alcoholic beverage and is kosher, organic and a a product of France. If you’re looking for … Read more