Costco Allen Family Foods Soup Review

There are quite a few different soup options at Costco, but these Allen Family Foods Soups are unique in that they’re designed to be easy to eat on the go. The containers are microwavable and easy to open. I know what you’re thinking. That’s great, but will I enjoy eating the soup? Read on to find out!

Costco Allen Family Foods Tuscan White Bean & Kale Soup box sitting on a table unopened.
Costco Allen Family Foods Tuscan White Bean & Kale Soup.

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Side view image of one container of soup sitting on a table unopened.
The soup comes in a convenient plastic container.

Location in Store

This is located in the rice, pasta sauce, pasta and soup aisle at Costco. The item number is 1565349.

Top down image of a bowl of soup sitting on a table with a spoon beside the soup.
Ready to eat!


This soup isn’t good and is not something I’d purchase again. I find it has a really odd, sweet flavor. I notice a herb or spice that tastes like black licorice which I don’t think pairs well with the other ingredients and I don’t love.

Closeup top down image of a bowl of Tuscan White Bean & Kale Soup.
You can see the herbs in the soup.

This soup isn’t very salty and I’m disappointed by the sweetness, I prefer a more savory soup. If you like a hearty soup I will say that this one is really full of beans and feels more like eating a can of beans than a soup in my opinion. The texture of the broth is quite thick too.

I only found a few small pieces of kale in an entire container. I wish there was more since it is a white bean & kale soup. Not just a white bean soup.

Side view image of a spoon scooping soup out of a bowl showing all the various ingredients in the bowl of soup.
So many beans!


The soup costs $14.99 Canadian and there are six 400-milliliter containers in the box, this is a pretty typical price for a soup like this.

Image of the back of the soup boc showing heating instructions and that the soup comes in a BPA free tub.
Gluten-free, vegan, Non GMO.


The best-before date on the soup is 14 months from when I purchased it. The soup comes packaged in a plastic microwaveable container so you can easily bring one to work or school. I love that the packaging is BPA free.

Closeup image of the heating instructions for the soup from the back of the box.
Heating instructions.

Because the soup is so hearty it’s a meal in itself and you don’t really need anything else like a sandwich with it.

Top down image of the soup being heated in a saucepan.
I prefer soup heated in a saucepan.



There are 160 calories, two and a half grams of fat, 27 grams of carbohydrates, eight grams of fibre, five grams of sugar, eight grams of protein and 510 milligrams of sodium in one cup of soup.

There’s lots of fiber in the soup but also a lot of sodium! The nutrition facts aren’t for an entire container of soup, only a cup.

Image of the nutrition facts for the soup from the back of the box.
Nutrition facts.


I love that the ingredients are organic and the soup has olive oil in it instead of palm or canola oil. I have zero complaints about the ingredients and honestly wish I liked the soup more because I’m a fan of simple, healthy ingredients like this.

They could leave out the agave syrup because I think that’s what’s causing the sweet flavor I don’t enjoy.

Image of the ingredients for the soup from the back of the box.


Taste: 5/10

Cost: 7/10

Convenience: 10/10

Nutrition: 8.5/10


Walk on by!

This is definitely a nourishing, filling soup and I appreciate the ingredients list but I just don’t love the flavor.

Have you tried this soup from Costco before? What did you think of it? Drop a comment below!

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9 thoughts on “Costco Allen Family Foods Soup Review”

  1. My wife bought the Potato Bacon Soup. Issues started immediately. On some tubs, the plastic film would not peel back without ripping, forcing me to use a knife to slice the plastic on the inside of the rim, leaving it partially floating on the soup. Even when the film did peel back correctly, a minute in the microwave would cause it to burp soup onto the carousel, but the soup was still not warm enough to eat. After warming enough, sometimes gripping the tub in order to peel the film completely off would cause it to burp more soup. But more than anything, the flavor… ugghhh. It’s hard to describe what’s off about it because it’s so bland. But it’s revolting, almost nauseating, like maybe the pigs were fed a steady diet of rubber tires and cough syrup and the potatoes were grown in their excrement. The insipid flavor persists even through the tablespoon of hot sauce I have to put in it just to choke it down.

  2. I recently tried the Allen Potato Bacon Soup. I was looking forward to enjoying a Northern Hemisphere comfort food with all its creamy goodness. I got two spoonfuls in and I was done. Weird tasting broth with spices that DO NOT belong in a creamy soup. My husband tried it and he did not like it either and also felt there were ingredients that ruined the traditional flavor. I would not recommend this soup either. As Allen’s has been in business a number of years I expected traditional yumminess. I was very disappointed.

  3. I do costco demos in Ontario, I don’t like trying new things and everthing you try helps me out doing demos. A suggestion, could you please review their cinnamon buns with icing? We finally bought a package and unless they are microwaved they are stale!


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