Costco Indulgence Filled Donuts Review

Skip these donuts from the Costco bakery and visit your local donut shop instead!

Costco Indulgence Filled Donuts
Costco Indulgence Filled Donuts

Donuts are something both my husband and I love! Lucky for us where we live there’s a handful of amazing locally owned donut shops! On a recent trip to Costco I was cruising the bakery section and found these Indulgence Filled Donuts and decided to bring them home to try and review.

I reviewed the Costco Kirkland Signature Hazelnut Cream Donuts Filled Donuts which I enjoyed! I’ve also reviewed the Costco Tim Hortons Birthday Cake Flavored Timbits Cereal. Some other fun bakery items I’ve reviewed are the Cafe Valley Bakery Cinnamon Coffee Cakes with Cream Cheese Topping. Costco Kirkland Signature Palm Leaves. Baketree Strawberry & Cream Cheese Fruit Bites and the Costco Aussie Bites.

The donuts can be found in the bakery section and the item number is 1529092.

Costco Indulgence Filled Donuts
Costco Indulgence Filled Donuts


The Indulgence Filled Donuts come in three different flavors, lemon, cookies & cream and caramel. I enjoyed the caramel flavor most, then the cookies & cream and my least favorite was the lemon. I found the lemon way too sweet and I couldn’t even taste the flavor of the dough because of the sugar.

The lemon has a way-too-sweet vanilla icing on the top of the donut, I was expecting lemon icing and lemon filling but it’s lemon filling with vanilla icing. The caramel and cookies & cream donuts have caramel and cookies & cream flavored icing and filling.

I could taste the flavor of the dough when trying the cookies & cream and caramel donuts and it actually was pretty good dough. Light and fluffy and tasted like your standard donut dough.

There’s a lot of filling in each donut, almost more filling than dough so if you’re looking for a donut that oozes filling when you bite into it, these are them. The Costco Indulgence donuts are just way too sweet, even for my super sweet tooth, one of the sweetest things I’ve tried from the Costco bakery department.

These definitely aren’t terrible they’re just not that good and too sweet in my opinion, I could see children potentially liking these!

Costco Indulgence Filled Donuts Caramel, Cookies & Cream and Lemon
Costco Indulgence Filled Donuts Caramel, Cookies & Cream and Lemon


I paid $10.99 Canadian for the pack of 12 donuts. This is a little but cheaper than my local donut shop but not a ton cheaper and after trying the donuts I feel they’re definitely overpriced.


How is it that the best before date is a week from the time we purchased them? How do donuts not go stale/moldy in a weeks time on the counter? That just points to lots of preservatives and sugar being in these.

The Indulgence donuts come in a resealable plastic container, If you decide not to leave them for a week on your counter you can also easily freeze the donuts without any issue.

You could have these for breakfast, dessert or a snack.

Costco Indulgence Filled Donuts Nutrition Information
Costco Indulgence Filled Donuts Nutrition Information


The donuts are loaded with calories, fat and sugar. I’m okay with things having a bunch of calories, fat and sugar as long as they’re worth it but these aren’t really worth it to me.

One donut is 345 to 380 calories, 17 to 20 grams of fat, 43 to 45 grams of carbohydrates, one gram of fibre, 15 to 20 grams of sugar, four to five grams of protein and 300 to 330 mg of sodium.

Costco Indulgence Filled Donuts Nutrition Information
Costco Indulgence Filled Donuts Ingredients

The ingredients list is shockingly long with a ton of ingredients I can’t pronounce and don’t even know what they are.


Taste: 6/10

Cost: 5/10

Convenience: 10/10

Nutrition: 0/10


Walk on by!

I definitely recommend supporting your local donut shop instead of purchasing these next time you have donut cravings!

Have you tried these donuts? What did you think?

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  1. Long time viewer, I LOVE LOVE your blog btw! Thanks for posting this + other reviews, I love seeing all of your reviews before I add stuff to my cart. Honestly you’re right about donuts at a restaurant being better. Grocery store donuts really never satisfy me lol!


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