Costco Marie Morin Caramel Flan Review

The difference between crème brûlée and caramel flan is the toppings. Crème brûlée isa custard topped with crystallized sugar that is torched or broiled to form a hard crust. Caramel flan is a cutard topped with a liquidy, soft caramel. The company Marie Morin makes both a crème brûlée and a caramel flan. How does the Costco Marie Morin caramel flan compare to the crème brûlée?

Costco Marie Morin Caramel Flan package sitting on a table.
Costco Marie Morin Caramel Flan.

I love trying new refrigerated desserts at Costco and during my last Costco visit, I saw this caramel flan and wanted to try it. I’ve tried crème brûlée from the same company, Marie Morin and it’s quite delicious so I have high hopes for this caramel flan!

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Location in Store

You can find the caramel flan in the refrigerated dessert section at Costco, near the cakes. The item number is 1078071.

Costco Marie Morin Caramel Flan jar sitting on a table. Closeup image.
The caramel sauce is on the bottom, usually caramel flan has the caramel sauce on the top.


The caramel flan custard is identical to the crème brûlée texture, it’s not too soft and mildly firm. The little glass jars that the caramel flan comes in keep the liquid caramel sauce in the bottom. If you ordered caramel flan at a restaurant or made it at home the caramel sauce would be on top. This isn’t very heavy and not too rich which I like.

Closeup image of the Costco Marie Morin Caramel Flan without the lid on.
I recommend a long spoon so you get a bit of custard with caramel in each bite!

Because the liquid is on the bottom you should either mix it up or use a long spoon to get a bit of custard and caramel in each bite. The caramel is thin and has a caramelized sugar flavor, I wish the caramel was thicker with a stronger caramel flavor.

Closeup image of a spoon of Costco Marie Morin Caramel Flan.
A perfect bite!


There are eight 130-gram individual jars of caramel flan and the cost is $10.99 Canadian at Costco. The cost isn’t bad but I believe the glass jars and packaging contribute to the cost. The Costco Marie Morin caramel flan is also smaller than the Marie Morin Crème Brûlée.

Closeup image of the top of a Costco Marie Morin Caramel Flan.
Not too heavy or rich!


The glass jars the caramel flan comes in are cute but there’s not much you can do with them. The flans need to be kept refrigerated and you also need to be careful not to tip them over. The best before date listed on the flans I bought is about a month and a half from the date I purchased them.

Image of the back of the Costco Marie Morin Caramel Flan box.
There are eight jars in the box.

I served these for Father’s Day and I think they’re great to have in the fridge to serve to any unexpected dinner guests.



Dessert like this isn’t healthy but these aren’t actually that high in calories and fat for an indulgent treat! One jar is 250 calories, ten grams of fat, 33 grams of carbohydrates, zero grams of fibre, 33 grams of sugar and five grams of protein.

Costco Marie Morin Caramel Flan nutrition facts from package.
Nutrition facts.


The ingredients list is pretty straightforward, cream, eggs, caramel, sugar and natural flavors. I really appreciate it when desserts don’t have a ton of added unnecessary ingredients, that doesn’t make these healthy though!



Taste: 7.5/10

Cost: 8/10

Convenience: 10/10

Nutrition: 0/10


Give it a try!

I prefer the Costco Marie Morin Crème Brûlée over these caramel flans but I still like the taste of these!

Do you like caramel flan? Would you try these?

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13 thoughts on “Costco Marie Morin Caramel Flan Review”

  1. I am vey disappointed that Costco has not brought back the Marie Morin Flans. I have been looking for this Product for months. When do you plan to bring back this product. This the second time I have requested this product bring back.

  2. I am Cuban American, When I first bought it I loved it. I was very disappointed when I returned to Costco to purchase some more, I asked, and found out they had been sold out, and they didn’t know when they were getting more. I’m hoping Costco starts reselling this great product again soon. Specially during the summer months. This product is so refreshing. Thank You.

  3. Just went to the local Costco to buy Maries Morin Flan and it was nowhere in site.I had bought some the week before.I wish Costco wouldn’t get you hooked on something and don’t refill the shelves with the same product.

  4. The custard is fine, but the “caramel” is basically sugar water. Caramel as I understand it is made with sugar and cream, no water. What a ripoff. We will bruleé the top and enjoy them that way. No repeat purchase.

  5. Hi,

    Do you have ant idea one of the ingredients ( mono and di-gliserids) are animal based or not? I didn’t see any V sign?

  6. Very firm egg white with runny, coffee-flavored liquid on the bottom.
    I think these things taste OK but the texture is pretty gross.

  7. Hi Natalie, thanks for your review. I first had flan in a French restaurant where it was called “Crème Caramel”. Flan is the Spanish version. The caramel syrup on the bottom is authentic since the caramelized sugar is poured into the baking ramekins before the custard. Then after baking, it’s inverted onto the serving plate. Also, the syrup is not thick like a sauce. So this product sounds quite right! Hopefully it’s available in Ontario.
    Cheers from Waterdown 😋


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