Costco Rondoletti Rolled Wafers Review

I’ve tried pretty much all of Costco’s Christmas treats at this point, but every year there are a few new arrivals at my local warehouse. The Rondoletti Rolled Wafers showed up a few weeks ago, and I immediately put them in my cart to review. Are these rolled wafer cookies as boring as they look, or is there more to them than meets the eye?

Image of the Costco Rondoletti Rolled Wafers tin sitting on a table unopened.
Costco Rondoletti Rolled Wafers.

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Location in Store

These are located in the seasonal aisle at Costco, near the back of the store towards the meat section with all the other Christmas chocolates and treats. The item number is 1742968.

Image of one red Rondoletti tin beside a blue Rondoletti tin at Costco on the shelf.
There are two colors of tins you can choose from at Costco.


These cookies surprised me! I thought they looked pretty boring and unappetizing, but they’re tasty.

The cookies consist of a thin, crispy wafer shell on the outside with a thin layer of sweet filling coating the inside and a hollow center. They’re light and crispy, but not dry like I thought they might be. The ratio of the wafer to filling is well-balanced. I think most of the flavor for all three kinds comes from the filling.

Top down image of three rolled wafers on a plate, vanilla, chocolate and hazelnut.
All three flavors.

The vanilla wafers have a nice, rich vanilla flavor. I couldn’t quite put my finger on what it reminded me of. Maybe the filling in an Oreo cookie? They’re quite sweet.

Top down image of a hand holding one vanilla rolled wafer up to the camera so you can see the filling inside.

The chocolate wafers have a rich cocoa-y chocolate flavor. The filling isn’t dark chocolate, but it’s a darker milk chocolate kind of taste, they’re also sweet.

Top down image of a hand holding one chocolate rolled wafer up to the camera so you can see the filling inside.

The hazelnut wafers are quite sweet with a strong hazelnut flavor. The filling seems sweeter and less chocolatey than say Nutella or a lot of other chocolate hazelnut treats I’ve had. I found the sweetness a bit too much in these ones, but they were still good.

Top down image of a hand holding one hazelnut rolled wafer up to the camera so you can see the filling inside.

I expected these wafer cookies to be dry and flavorless, but they’re definitely not either of those things. They’re not amazing, but they’re a solid packaged cookie.


The 1.14 kilogram container containing three different flavors of wafers costs $11.49 Canadian. You get a lot of cookies in the tin and the tin is reusable! The Rondoletti label comes off so you could use the tin to store cookies or ornaments.

Top down image of the open tin of Rondoletti showing three unopened bags (white, blue and brown) stuffed inside the tin.
Each bag has a different flavor.


There are three bags of wafers in the tin and each bag is a different flavor. The bags don’t reseal once open, unfortunately. We opted to store our bags of wafers in a large ziplock bag instead of the tin.

Top down image of three bags of rolled wafers removed from the tin and sitting on a table, there is a brown, blue and white bag.
Once open the bags do not reseal.

The best-before date on the wafers is a year from when we purchased them. I think these are the perfect cookie to serve with gelato or ice cream or have with coffee or tea in the mid-morning or mid-afternoon. They also make a light dessert!



Two vanilla wafers contain 120 calories, four grams of fat, 19 grams of carbohydrates, zero grams of fiber, 10 grams of sugar, one gram of protein and 55 milligrams of sodium.

Two chocolate wafers contain 110 calories, three and a half grams of fat, 19 grams of carbohydrates, one gram of fiber, 10 grams of sugar, one gram of protein and 75 milligrams of sodium.

Two chocolate-hazelnut wafers contain 120 calories, four and a half grams of fat, 19 grams of carbohydrates, nine grams of sugar, one gram of fiber, one gram of protein and 55 milligrams of sodium.

All three kinds of wafers are pretty low in calories, fat and sugar if you can stick to only eating two!

Image of the nutrition facts for the rolled wafers from the package.
Nutrition facts.


I really dislike the ingredients list, the first ingredient is sugar and the second is palm oil. Also the vanilla wafer doesn’t even have vanilla listed as an ingredient. The wafers contain wheat, milk and soy and may contain tree nuts and eggs.

Image of the ingredients list for the Rondoletti from the package.


Taste: 7/10

Cost: 7/10

Convenience: 10/10

Nutrition: 0/10


Give it a try!

If you’re not too worried about ingredients and are looking for a light wafer cookie with a sweet filling, this may be the biscuit for you.

Have you tried these Costco Rondoletti Rollef Wafers? What did you think of it?

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