Costco Scoiattolo Ravioli with Truffle & Parmigiano Reggiano Review

Do you love the luxurious flavor of truffles? The taste of truffles is hard to describe, but the best way I can explain it is a rich, strong and aromatic combination of savory and earthy. This Costco Scoiattolo Ravioli with Truffle & Parmigiano Reggiano combines the flavor of truffles with another decadent ingredient – parmigiano reggiano. It sounds like something you would order at a Michelin-star Italian restaurant. Do the premium ingredients shine through enough to make you forget this ravioli is from the grocery store?

Top down image of the Scoiattolo Ravioli with Truffle & Parmigiana Reggiano package sitting on a table.
Costco Scoiattolo Ravioli with Truffle & Parmigiano Reggiano.

I don’t eat a ton of foods with truffle, things I’ve tried before are truffle fries, truffle aioli, truffle pasta and truffle honey. Truffle isn’t something I absolutely love but I don’t mind it and wanted to try this Scoiattolo Ravioli with Truffle & Parmigiano Reggiano from Costco.

Top down image of a plate of prepared ravioli served in a circle with a drizzle of olive oil on top.
A simple extra virgin olive oil drizzle.

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Location in Store

You can find this ravioli in the refrigerated deli section at Costco, near the other fresh pasta, cheese and cold-cut meats. The item number is 1555620.

Top down image of a pot of ravioli prepared and a saucepan full of butter sauce on a burner.
Making a butter sauce to go with the ravioli.


I strongly disliked this pasta but my husband thought I was overreacting and it wasn’t as bad as I said it was. I couldn’t stand to eat more than one piece because I felt it tasted like plastic and the filling was too strong. I also find the truffle flavor very strong and overpowering and didn’t taste the parmigiano reggiano.

Closeup image of one ravioli on a fork cut in half so you can see the filling inside.
There isn’t a ton of filling.

If you pair this with a butter sauce or olive oil you don’t taste the truffle flavor as much. Both of us found the pasta dry and doughy with not much filling. If you have a truffle obsession you may like this just because it does taste very truffley.

Image of eight ravioli served on a white plate in a circle with a garlic butter sauce and parsley sprinkled on top.
Ravioli with butter sauce.


The 907-gram pack containing two separate 454-gram packs costs $14.49 Canadian. This isn’t cheap but isn’t totally unreasonable. Fresh pasta is always more than dry and this is from Italy so it makes sense it wouldn’t be cheap.


The ravioli is a product of Italy and the package recommends serving the pasta with olive oil and additional parmigiano reggiano. My husband found a butter sauce recipe and decided to make that and we also tried it with just olive oil.

Image of the product safe handling information from the back of the package.
Once opened the ravioli must be used within three days.

The ravioli needs to be kept refrigerated and the best-before date listed on the package is about a month from when we purchased it. It only takes a few minutes to cook and if it tasted better it would be really convenient dinner option.

Image of the cooking instructions for the ravioli from the back of the package.
Cooking instructions.



A 1 and 1/2-cup serving contains 390 calories, 13 grams of fat, 54 grams of carbohydrates, seven grams of fibre, two grams of sugar, 14 grams of protein and 870 milligrams of sodium.

The amount of protein per serving isn’t bad but that’s a ton of sodium and carbs but one and a half cups in also a decent serving size.

Image of the nutrition facts label from the back of the package.
Nutrition facts.


The ingredients list has fewer artificial/chemical-sounding ingredients than I expected. Everything listed is pretty much what you would use to make a similar ravioli.

The ravioli contains wheat, eggs, milk and may contain tree nuts, crustaceans, fish and soy.

Image of the ingredients label from the back of the package.


Taste: I give it a 1/10 but my husband says it’s a 5.5/10

Cost: 6/10

Convenience: 9.5/10

Nutrition: 3/10 (They may be low in carbs and sugar but they’re in high fat and calories for a small serving).


Walk on by!

I don’t like this at all and wouldn’t even finish it but according to my husband, I’m being too harsh. If you like truffles you might like this but I kind of doubt it.

Have you tried this? What are your thoughts on it?

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4 thoughts on “Costco Scoiattolo Ravioli with Truffle & Parmigiano Reggiano Review”

  1. It’s honestly pretty good for packaged food. It’s not freshly made restaurant grade vibes, but if you’re sauce is on point you won’t be disappointed.

  2. My spouse and I agree with you. The interior was a thin layer of beige filling and tasted very off-putting. Dumped some fried mushrooms and pasta sauce on it and still tasted gross. A huge disappointment from Costco.

  3. The flavour isn’t strong and who ever had a store bought ravioli that tasted like the cheese inside?
    The biggest disappointment I had with this product was that 1/2 the raviolis weren’t properly sealed & the filling went into the water.
    So for the second pack I fried them, which was not bad at all.

    But due to the poor execution of the actual ravioli.


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