Costco Kirkland Signature Chicken Salad Review

I’ve always thought that chicken salad is an odd dish. It’s basically a mixture of mayonnaise and chicken; I don’t see how that counts as a salad! It’s not the most visually appealing dish, but it can be very tasty when made well. There are also lots of ways chicken salad can go wrong – using poor-quality chicken or making it too runny/wet to name a couple. This Costco Kirkland Signature Chicken Salad doesn’t look like anything special, but does it avoid the pitfalls?

Image of a container of the Costco Kirkland Signature Chicken Salad container sitting on a table.
Costco Kirkland Signature Chicken Salad.

When I am meal planning easy dinners I want something that is fast and has a lot of protein, so this Costco Kirkland Signature Chicken Salad from the pre-made meal section seems like the perfect convenient dinner for us.

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Location in Store

This can be found in the pre-made meal section and the item number is 26954.


If you like large amounts of chicken, this will not disappoint. Taste wise, it’s basically shredded chicken breast and mayonnaise combined with some spices. I bought some ciabatta buns from Costco to have the chicken salad on.

Top down image of an open container of the Costco Kirkland Signature Chicken Salad showing what the salad looks like.
A convenient pre-made meal from Costco.

I find the chicken salad to be too wet and saucy for my liking. I know there are lots of people who prefer chicken and tuna salad to be full of moisture but to me this just tastes like it has way too much mayonaisse!

Image of an open container of the Costco Kirkland Signature Chicken Salad from Costco with a spoon taking some out of the container.
I find the chicken salad has too much mayonnaise and sour cream.

The chicken salad has a bit of crunchy texture from the celery and onions in it and the flavor I find is very salty. I think adding some sweet grapes may counter the sweetness a bit so I might have tried that if I were going to repurchase this, but I’m not.


The cost is dependent on the weight and is $14.49 Canadian per kilogram. The container I picked up was $15.04.

Closeup image of the front label from the Costco chicken salad showing the price and best before date.
The chicken salad from Costco costs $14.49 per kilogram.


The best before date is three days from the date it was packaged. The chicken salad from Costco is definitely convenient and would be great for a potluck, work party or picnic. I personally don’t like it but my parents had it at my house and really enjoyed it and even took the rest home.

Image of two prepared chicken salad sandwiches on a white plate.
The ciabatta buns from Costco pair well with the chicken salad.

As I said before, I served the chicken salad on the Costco Kirkland Signature Ciabatta Buns. If you want to “jazz up” your chicken salad you can add extra vegetables for crunch, grapes for sweetness, chopped almonds for a bit of nuttiness or even some chopped bacon for a smokey flavor!

Image of a prepared triangle shaped chicken salad sandwich on a white plate.
Ready to eat!



A 1/3 cup serving contains 190 calories, 15 grams of fat, three grams of carbohydrates, one gram of fibre, one gram of sugar, 12 grams of protein and 410 milligrams of sodium.

That’s less sodium than I thought there would be based on the taste. The amount of protein isn’t that high considering this is chicken salad but for anyone watching their carb intake it’s a low carb option.


The first ingredient is chicken, which is great but I don’t love the other ingredients, you can make a simple, delicious chicken salad at home that’s a lot healthier without things like sunflower oil and sugars.

The chicken salad contains egg and milk and may contain wheat, fish, molluscs, crustaceans, tree nuts, peanuts. sesame, soy and mustard.

Image of the Costco chicken salad ingredients label from the container.


Taste: 5/10

Cost: 8/10

Convenience: 10/10

Nutrition: 2/10


Walk on by/Give it a try!

I am not going to repurchase this because I find it way too saucy, salty and it needs more chicken. My parents on the other hand loved it and thought it was a great, convenient meal.

What do you think of the Costco Kirkland Signature Chicken Salad?

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21 thoughts on “Costco Kirkland Signature Chicken Salad Review”

  1. I say just buy the rotisserie chicken, mayo, and veggies, and make it yourself for cheaper/better. Garlic powder, black pepper, carrots, celery, onions, mayo, sweet pickle relish, and the chicken is all you need. If you eat as much chicken salad as they serve in that container on the regular, you might as well put in the 15 minutes to make your own batch.

  2. It’s processed chicken and not from a fresh chicken breast. Processed meat is the worst you can eat, even if it looks appealing. I tried the Costco Chicken Salad and it made me sick. It taste good but it’s too processed for me. When I make my own chicken salad at home, I just feel good.
    Moral of the story? Use real and fresh chicken breast. Not chicken fingers or nuggets or chicken made in a factory then frozen. It will just make you sick on top of being bad for the heart.

  3. Do you guys that have tried it think it would pare well on lettuce. For a Leto friendly version, especially if it’s too “wet”? Just curious on your opinions. TIA

  4. I buy this all the time and have never had a problem with it. We eat it as a snack on town house crackers and it is delicious, i even add more salt and pepper so don’t know what people are saying about it being too salty. I guess each to there own everyone has there own taste. Like the person saying to add grapes to it that’s disgusting.

    • If you have travelled to Europe many dishes have added grapes, its sweetness with a more sensible approach not adding sugar..

  5. “Shredded” chicken? Really? That just sounds weird! I make my own chicken salad using boneless skinless breasts poached in chicken broth then cut the meat into small chunks. Shredded meat would make for a mucky salad with poor texture. Definitely won’t be buying this!

  6. My Hubby and I both Love the Chicken Salad. The Recipe has changed a bit yes and was better before. I do not find it too salty and never add salt to any of my food.
    We use it for lunches . A great Change from Deli Meat. There is a lot of chicken in it and good white meat . I am so glad they stopped using as much of that green stuff on top. Wish it had More Celery. As far as having big chunks of chicken you could always get a fork and mix it up a bit more. Everyone has different tastes .

  7. I’ve bought Costco’s chicken salad quite often in the past BUT they changed the recipe since last year and it now has way too much mayonnaise. It’s too bad they modified the recipe, sigh …

  8. Wow! How can you get a chicken salad so wrong? Well, first you start with a rubbery chicken that hasn’t got the taste or texture of chicken, which is exactly what Costco’s own rotisserie chicken is. Then you just add bland mayonnaise. Job done! Don’t bother, just buy a better chicken somewhere else and add any good mayonnaise from a jar.

    • Use Miracle Whip! It’s far tastier, than totally tasteless, bland, (blah), no-flavour, mayonnaise! If you’re going to eat, extra calories, at least have them taste good! Which mayonnaise does not! It’s useless, unhealthy, extra, added calories, with no added flavor!

      • Hi Ryan, your thoughts on mayonnaise tells me that you’re buying the wrong brand. Miracle Whip is too sweet and it’s ingredients are no better than mayo…. different strokes eh? 😁

  9. Now $21.00 and did not enjoy at all. A general huge Costco fan but this was terrible. More like an Italian dressing mixed with and minimal flavor. Extremely disapointed. .

  10. I bought the chicken salad as well from Costco. Very bland and the chicken chunks were huge, hard to find the celery. I googled how to “doctor up” the salad. I spent about $16-$17 to have a quick supper for my family. Everyone hated it. Went to other leftovers from the fridge. Anyone have suggestions? Would love to bring it back!

  11. I bought some yesterday and I also found it “wet” and kind of dull. My solution was to dump the whole container into my salad spinner, give it a few whirls and then added a little stiffer homemade garlic aioli. I picked up a dozen croissants and some bibb lettuce and had a pretty snazzy sandwich platter.

    Won’t be rushing back to buy this. (However, we’re still infatuated with the delicious street taco kit, lol)

    • Me either! And I’m not a fan of the chunks of chicken I had to cut up to even try it! Then it didn’t even taste good!

  12. I love Kirkland’s chicken salad. I toast a hamburger bun. Then put the chicken salad on the bottom bun, then sprinkle with mozzarella cheese and heat on high for a minute in the microwave. It is very yummy. There were some big chunks of chicken, as I would prefer it was more shredded. Overall it was delicious.

  13. 0* Mine today were huge undercooked chicken pieces with mayo and celery on the top. It was terrible. Would not buy again.


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