Costco Cardinal Roadhouse Bacon & Cheddar Stuffed Burgers Review

I love bacon cheeseburgers, but I rarely make them at home. It’s just too much trouble to cook bacon on top of burgers. These Cardinal Roadhouse Bacon & Cheddar Stuffed Beef Burgers offer a convenient solution – the burger patties themselves are filled with cheese and bacon! Will bacon and cheese lovers ever buy regular frozen burgers again?

Costco Cardinal Roadhouse Bacon & Cheddar Stuffed Beef Burgers box sitting on a table unopened.
Costco Cardinal Roadhouse Bacon & Cheddar Stuffed Beef Burgers.

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Image of the company history and description from the back of the box.
Cardinal is Canadian-owned and operated.

Location in Store

These are located in the freezer aisle at Costco, near all the other frozen burgers. The item number is 378478.

Closeup image of a hand holding a bacon and cheddar stuffed burger with a few bites taken out of it close to the camera.
There isn’t a ton of cheddar and bacon but there’s enough that it’s noticeable.


Firstly, I really dislike the appearance of these burgers. I’m not used to seeing burgers have the ground beef look so stringy. For whatever reason it kind of reminds me of little worms all smushed together to make a patty.

Image of a hamburger beside oven baked mini potatoes on a white plate.
I served the burgers with oven-baked mini potato fries.

Even though I don’t like how these look, they do taste pretty good. They taste a lot like any bacon cheeseburger I’ve had at a restaurant. I wish the bacon and cheese were spread out across the entire patty rather than only being in the center. I also wouldn’t mind if there were a bit more cheese and bacon.

Side view image of a hamburger beside potatoes served on a white plate.
Ready to eat!

Compared to a regular beef patty these are saltier, greasier and a bit more processed tasting. They’re also more flavorful! There’s a ton of flavor from the cheese and bacon. Also, despite not liking the appearance of the beef, it actually tastes like it’s pretty good quality. I didn’t find any hard bits or gristle.

Closeup image of one cheddar & bacon stuffed patty cooked and cut in half so you can see the cheddar and bacon.
Here you can see the cheddar and bacon in the center.


The box of burgers costs $25.99 Canadian. There are 12 burgers in the box and the burgers come in two separate sealed bags with six burgers per bag.

Top down image of two raw burger patties being cooked on a barbecue.
These don’t look appetizing to me.


The burgers need to be kept frozen and can be cooked right from frozen as well. The best-before date is about nine months from when I purchased them.

Top down image of two cooked burger patties on a white plate.
Even after cooking the burgers they’re still stringy.

The box recommends cooking the burgers from frozen on a BBQ or in a frying pan at medium heat for 12 to 16 minutes. The burgers should reach an internal temperature of 160 degrees Fahrenheit.

Image of the cooking suggestions from the back of the box.
Cooking suggestions.

These are great for camping, a barbecue get-together or just to have as a change from regular burger patties.

Image of two plastic bags with raw burgers sealed in them sitting on a table.
The burgers come in two bags of six in the box.



One burger contains 480 calories, 37 grams of fat, four grams of carbohydrates, zero grams of fibre, one gram of sugar, 31 grams of protein and 920 milligrams of sodium. That’s a ton of sodium.

That’s a ton of sodium in one burger. My husband eats two patties in one go! The calories and fat are pretty high too but what do you expect for a burger that’s stuffed with bacon and cheddar?

Image of the nutrition facts from the back of the box.
Nutrition facts.


At least the first ingredient is beef. I dislike that there is “processed cheese food” in these burgers. What even is that and why is there so many awful-sounding ingredients in it? I think I’d rather make a bacon cheeseburger at home.

Also, these are not gluten-free for those that can’t consume wheat. They contain wheat and milk.

Image of the ingredients list from the back of the box.


Taste: 7.5/10

Cost: 6/10

Convenience: 8/10

Nutrition: 1/10 (A point for protein).


Walk on by!

If I shut my eyes eating these and don’t look at the burgers, nutrition facts or ingredients I think they’re pretty tasty and convenient. I’d rather cook up my own bacon and put some cheese on a burger at home though rather than buy these again.

Have you tried these Costco Cardinal Roadhouse Bacon & Cheddar Stuffed Burgers? What did you think of them?

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