Costco House of Brussels Chocolates Hedgehogs Review

Hedgehogs are adorable, milk chocolate truffles with a creamy hazelnut filling. They tend to be sold during the holiday season! You no longer have to go to your local chocolatier for these chocolates because Costco is carrying the House of Brussels Hedgehogs! Are these worth adding to your Christmas chocolate shopping list?

Image of the House of Brussels Chocolates Hedgehogs box sitting on a table.
House of Brussels Chocolates Hedgehogs.

Hedgehog chocolates remind me of my Nanny who passed away about a year and a half ago. She loved them and her neighbors bought her a box every year for Christmas. Every year on Christmas when we’d drive her home after dinner she’d offer me a big hedgehog and I’d happily accept despite being stuffed. When Sean came into the picture and we drove her home together, I would come back out to the car with a hedgehog in my hand for him too.

Image of the hedgehog product description from the box.
I think this product description is pretty spot on!

I love having hedgehogs around the holidays so I picked up these House of Brussels Chocolates Hedgehogs to review. Other chocolates I love from Costco are the Kirkland Signature Macadamia Clusters, Lindt Lindor Assorted Chocolates, Utah Truffles Milk Chocolate Truffles, Truffettes De France Chocolate Truffles, Hawaiian Sun Chocolate Covered Macadamia Nuts and the Gudrun Fine Belgian Chocolates.

Location in Store

You can find these chocolates in the seasonal Christmas aisle at Costco, the item number is 1661811.


First off I’ll start by saying I prefer these over the CHOCXO Mini Hedgehogs from Costco I’ve previously reviewed. The Brussels brand tastes creamier and a bit fresher to me. Generally, all hedgehogs taste pretty similar though.

Closeup image of a hand holding one hedgehog truffle.
So cute and delicious!

They have a milk chocolate shell and a hazelnut filling. The flavor is kind of similar to Guylian Seashells if you’ve had those before. The center is a delicious hazelnut filling but it’s not liquidy, it’s a solid center. The outside is sweet and smooth milk chocolate. I don’t find them too sweet and if I had my choice of any chocolates over the holiday season, these would be in the top five for sure.

Closeup image of one hedgehog chocolate being held with a bite taken out of it so you can see the inside.
There’s a hazelnut center.

The size of the hedgehogs is perfect, about two bites worth and just enough to satisfy without feeling like you’ve over-indulged if you have more than one!

Image showing the Costco House of Brussels Chocolates Hedgehogs package of two boxes of chocolate sitting on a table.
The chocolate hedgehogs come in a package of two boxes at Costco.


Two 400-gram boxes cost $19.99 Canadian which isn’t too expensive in my opinion. It’s cheaper than a chocolate shop but the quality of the chocolates is similar. If I were to do a blind taste test I don’t think I could tell the difference between hedgehogs from a chocolatier or the Costco Brussels Chocolates Hedgehogs.

Image showing the plastic resealable bag of hedghog truffles that comes in one box.
I appreciate that the plastic bag the hedgehogs come in is resealable.


There are two boxes and each box contains a resealable bag of individually wrapped hedgehogs. The best before date is almost two years from when I purchased the chocolates and obviously they should be stored in a cool, dry place so they don’t melt!

Top down image of a bowl of wrapped chocolates.
Each hedgehog is individually wrapped.

I think both kids and adults love these and they make a great gift. They’re also really nice to have around the holidays in your candy dish!

Closeup image of one hedgehog chocolate in the wrapper.
One hedgehog is the perfect bite-size treat.



Four hedgehogs are 220 calories, 15 grams of fat, 30 milligrams of sodium, 20 grams of carbohydrates, one gram of fiber, 18 grams of sugar and three grams of protein. Sadly, I could easily eat four of these since they’re not that big!

Image of the nutrition facts label for the hedgehogs taken from the box.
Nutrition facts.


One thing that’s nice is that these chocolates are certified gluten-free. I have a gluten-free best friend so I’m happy to know I can offer her some of these! I actually really love how short the ingredients list is! The list is not at all healthy, but the fact it’s just chocolate and hazelnut without a ton of other ingredients makes me feel better about eating these.

The chocolates contain milk, soy hazelnuts and may contain traces of peanuts and other tree nuts.

Image of the ingredients list taken from the box.


Taste: 9/10

Cost: 7.5/10

Convenience: 10/10

Nutrition: 0/10


Must buy!

I love these chocolates, they scream Christmas to me, remind me of my Nanny and taste delicious.

Have you had hedgehog chocolates before? What did you think?

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