Costco Utah Truffles Mint Milk Chocolate Truffles Review

There’s no shortage of chocolate mint products so I wasn’t overly excited to try these Utah Truffles Mint Milk Chocolate Truffles from Costco. Even though these chocolates don’t seem dramatically different from other mint chocolates I’ve had before, I think they’re my new favorite. What is it about them that sets them apart from other similar options out there?

Costco Utah Truffles Mint Milk Chocolate Truffles
Costco Utah Truffles Mint Milk Chocolate Truffles.

The Christmas season is just around the corner and I love seeing what kind of chocolates Costco brings in this year. These Costco Utah Truffles Mint Milk Chocolate Truffles are new to my local store so I picked them up to review.

Closeup image of the Utah Truffles bag.
Naturally flavored mint milk chocolate truffles.

Other chocolates from Costco I absolutely love are the Anthon Berg Liquor Filled Dark Chocolates, Lindt Lindor Assorted Chocolates, Gudrun Fine Belgian Chocolates, Kirkland Signature Macadamia Clusters, Sander’s Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels, Truffettes De France Peppermint White Chocolate Bites, Truffettes De France Chocolate Truffles and the Hawaiian Sun Chocolate Covered Macadamia Nuts.

Closeup image of the product description of the mint milk chocolate truffles.
So delicious.

Location in Store

You can find the mint milk chocolate truffles in the snack section at Costco, near the front of the store. The item number is 1158688.


These truffles are the perfect combination of silky milk chocolate and mellow cool mint. They’re absolutely delicious and melt in your mouth. The chocolate is extra creamy and not too sweet. The mint flavor is noticeable but not too strong.

Close up image of a hand holding one chocolate truffle.
The perfect bite-size!

I can’t say mint and milk chocolate is my favorite flavor combination but I really love these truffles and will happily finish my bag. I actually crave them.


The 454-gram bag costs $12.89 Canadian at Costco. I think the price is very reasonable and wouldn’t hesitate to buy another bag at the same price.

Close up image of a truffle with a bite taken out of it so you can see the middle.
The middle of the truffle melts away in your mouth.


Each truffle is individually wrapped which I love because I can easily throw a few in my diaper bag or purse! It’s also great for portion control because I’m not just able to dip my hand in the bag and eat a bunch. I have to consciously unwrap them.

Image showing a bowl of mint chocolate truffles, showing that they're individually wrapped.
I love that they’re individually packaged.

The best-before date is about 11 months from the date I purchased the chocolates. I recommend storing them in a cool, dry place. I would be thrilled to receive these chocolates as a gift and I think your family member or friend would also appreciate them!

Image showing four truffles unwrapped and on a white plate.
One truffle is enough to satisfy my sweet tooth.



Three truffles contain 240 calories, 18 grams of fat, 20 grams of carbohydrates, one gram of fibre, 20 grams of sugar, two grams of protein and 25 milligrams of sodium. That means one truffle is 80 calories and six grams of fat.

Truffle nutrition facts from the bag.
Nutrition facts.


The ingredients are pretty typical for chocolate, the truffles contain milk and soy and may contain wheat, peanuts and tree nuts.

Truffle ingredients list from the bag.


Taste: 9.5/10

Cost: 9/10

Convenience: 10/10

Nutrition: 0/10


Must buy!

These are probably my favorite mint chocolates I’ve tried and I hope Costco brings some other varieties from the same company to the store!

Have you tried these? What did you think?

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9 thoughts on “Costco Utah Truffles Mint Milk Chocolate Truffles Review”

  1. These are tasty, thanks for recommending. However these melt in my cabinet which I keep other snacks. Its a dark and not too warm in there, should I put them in the fridge? Thanks

  2. Contains Bioengineered food ingredients!? Please explain exactly what that means. I have seen this on other food products and it equates to aborted baby parts. Holding off on eating until I get this question answered. Please explain in non-technical language. Thanks

    • Wow, scaremonger much? Nowhere does it say “bioengineered” (I looked all over the package I have lying around) and even if it did, that doesn’t mean aborted baby parts (what’s wrong with you?). Figure out how to put the word parts together, or better yet, get a dictionary.
      Utah’s Truffles are a favorite of mine, both the mint and the toffee with sea salt ones. I wait for them every Christmas season to show up at Costco.

  3. I Natalie Ryan here! Just wondering, what was the number of Individually wrapped chocolates that you got in the bag! I would like to do the basic math, and estimate roughly how much they are per chocolate give it a take one or two chocolates, in each bag! Thank you, and have a happy Halloween and a nice day! Keep up the great reviews I love them! Also, I watched your pumpkin pie YT video, again!


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