Costco Kirkland Signature Ciabatta Buns Review

In terms of simple but satisfying foods, good bread and buns are probably near the top of my list. A fresh bun with lots of butter goes well with nearly any meal! I also love a good sandwich, and a tasty bun is a great way to start one of those off. The Costco Kirkland Signature Ciabatta Buns come in two varieties to cover your need for both a dinner roll and a sandwich base.

Image of two bags of the Costco Kirkland Signature Ciabatta Buns sitting on a table, one bag has Italian ciabattas and one has 9 Grain.
Costco Kirkland Signature Ciabatta Buns.

Reviewing buns isn’t that exciting, but these Costco Kirkland Signature Italian Ciabatta and 9 Grain Ciabatta Buns are a staple in our home and maybe after this review they’ll be a regular item in your household too!

Top down image of one Italian ciabatta bun on a white plate beside one 9 grain ciabatta bun.
Italian on the left 9 grain on the right.

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Image of a bag of the Costco Italian Ciabatta Buns sitting on a table.
Costco Kirkland Signature Italian Ciabatta Buns.

Location in Store

The buns can be found in the bakery section, the item number for the Italian Ciabatta Buns is 1043818 and the 9 Grain Ciabatta Buns item number is 30859.

Image of a bag of the Costco 9 Grain Ciabatta Buns sitting on a table.
Costco Kirkland Signature 9 Grain Ciabatta Buns.


I prefer the Italian Ciabatta Buns better but it kind of depends on what you’re planning to use them for. We really like the Italian buns as a side dinner roll with butter to have with pasta, chili or any kind of casserole dish. The 9-grain ones are too large for that in my opinion and just not a suitable dinner bun, they’re amazing for sandwiches though.

Top down image of four Italian ciabatta buns sitting on a white plate.
Chewy and golden brown on the outside.
Light and fluffy on the inside.

The Italian Ciabatta Buns are a white bun that’s dense on the outside and soft on fluffy on the inside. The texture is a bit chewy and they make cute small “bunwiches”. Butter tastes amazing on these.

Top down image of one half of an Italian ciabatta beside one half of a 9 grain ciabatta bun on a plate so you can see the inside of the buns.
The 9 grain buns are much larger than the Italian ones.

The 9-grain ciabatta buns are softer and less chewy than the Italian ones and are have a golden brown slightly crisp exterior and a soft, fluffy and airy interior. They have a whole wheat, hearty flavor and the sunflower seeds add a bit of crunchy texture.

Top down image of two 9 grain ciabatta buns sitting on a white plate.
There’s some crunchy texture from the sunflower seeds.
Top down image of a 9 grain ciabatta bun cut in half and served open on a plate so you can see the center.
The 9-grain buns are soft and fluffy on the inside.


Both buns cost $6.99 Canadian which is extremely reasonable and in my opinion, they’re worth the $6.99. The Italian buns are slightly more expensive at $4.99 per kilogram and d the 9-grain buns are $4.66 per kilogram.

Image of the Costco Kirkland Signature Italian Ciabatta Buns label from the bag.
The Italian ciabatta buns cost $4.99 per kilogram.
Image of the Costco Kirkland Signature 9 Grain Ciabatta Buns label from the bag.
The 9-grain buns cost $4.66 per kilogram.


If you need a ton of buns for a big party or get-together these are a perfect purchase. One bag comes with a ton of buns. I always freeze my buns and they last for a long time in the freezer and defrost just fine. I highly recommend freezing any of the extra buns right away to keep them as fresh as possible.

Side view image of two Italian ciabatta buns from Costco filled with chicken salad on a white plate to make sandwiches.
The Italian buns make perfect small-sized bunwiches!

I use the Kirkland Signature Italian Ciabatta Buns for dinner rolls and the Kirkland Signature 9 Grain Ciabatta Buns for sandwiches. You can pair either bun with the Kirkland Signature Chicken Salad or your own favorite sandwich ingredients.

Image of one 9 Grain Costco Ciabatta Bun on a white plate filled with chicken salad.
The 9 grain buns are better for a big, heartier sandwich!



One Italian bun contains 110 calories, one gram of fat, 21 grams of carbohydrates, one gram of fibre, zero grams of sugar, four grams of protein and 230 milligrams of sodium. The calories and fat aren’t very high for one bun! If you add a ton of butter which is what I do then you’re obviously looking at lot more calories and fat.

Image of the Italian ciabatta buns nutrition facts label from the bag.
Costco Italian Ciabatta Bun nutrition facts.

One 9 grain bun contains 220 calories, two and a half grams of fat, 43 grams of carbohydrates, three grams of fibre, one gram of sugar, eight grams of protein and 480 milligrams of sodium.

The 9 grain buns are 86 grams per bun and the Italian buns are 39 grams, so the Italian ones are a lot smaller. It makes sense the Italian ciabattas would have fewer calories, fat and sodium based on size alone.

Image of the 9 grain ciabatta buns nutrition facts label from the bag.
Costco 9 Grain Ciabatta nutrition facts.


The Italian ciabatta buns have fewer ingredients which I expect because they’re a lot simpler in taste and texture. The 9 grain ciabattas have similar ingredients to the Italian ones but contain sunflower seeds, wheat flakes, rye meal, oat flakes and a few additional ingredients to give them the whole grain texture and flavor.

Image of the Italian ciabatta buns ingredients label from the bag.
Italian ciabatta ingredients.

Both kinds of buns contain wheat, rye and barley and the nine grain buns contain oats, soy and sulfites. Both buns may contain triticale, mustard, milk egg, tree nuts, peanuts and sesame, soy and oats.

If you’re not a super strict vegan these may be a good option for you when you’re craving buns as they only may contain milk or eggs!

Image of the 9 grain ciabatta buns ingredients label from the bag.
9 Grain ingredients.


Taste: 9/10

Cost: 9/10

Convenience: 10/10

Nutrition: 2/10


Must buy!

These are a staple item in our freezer! You get a ton of delicious buns for a reasonable cost that freeze well or are perfect for any big get-together.

If you’ve tried these buns before, what do you think of them?

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8 thoughts on “Costco Kirkland Signature Ciabatta Buns Review”

  1. Why the heck some of those buns are so high in sodium? It just does no make any sense! They are not healthy at all! Are these bakers insane?

  2. I miss the square ciabatta burger buns Ryan described, they were my go to for sandwiches, perfect size! They’ve been replaced by cheese flavored ones. I will not be buying any of them, so disappointed.

    • I agree! We always bought the Kirkland Signature Artisan Burger Buns and had them in the freezer to enjoy. Awesome toasted with tuna salad, chopped celery, apple & walnuts & mayo. And now discontinued!!
      The cheese buns are SO greasy!

    • The square ciabatta buns were my my favorite Costco item. I make my Costco trip every time I run out so now I’ll definitely going to Costco far less often. Very sad they have been discontinued. And the “Italian Ciabatta Buns” reviewed here are just the same bland generic fake “Ciabatta” sold in every grocery store. Basically just a white bread “dinner roll”, zero special about them so no reason to go to Costco to get them.

  3. I need less bread in my life, not more. Besides, filling my freezer with buns just doesn’t make sense since there is only two of us. I have purchased them before when I was having people over and wanted to put some sandwiches together. Make your own, they’ll taste better and be so much fresher and better for you.

  4. I also, forgot to mention one last thing regarding the burgers, it is much easier to eat a triangular burger, than it is to eat around one! When you bite into around burger, the size of your mouth get covered in sauces when you bite into aI also, forgot to mention one last thing regarding the burgers, it is much easier to eat a triangular burger, then it is to eat a round one!

    When you big bite, into a round burger, the sides of your mouth, get covered in sauces! It’s very sloppy! When, you bite into a triangular burger, you don’t have this problem! Far less sloppy condiments, sauces on the sides of your mouth! This is also a major added, bonus, as you don’t have to constantly wipe the sauces from your face, before your next bite into a big, juicy burger!

    Therefore, Costco, nine grain ciabatta, buns, or a gift from heaven, when it comes to “THE “PERFECT!”, NON-SLOPPY, BURGER GULPING, EXPERIENCE!”

    Don’t take my word for it, give it a try yourself! You can thank me later! Have a great day, everyone!

  5. I absolutely love these nine grain ciabatta buns! They are excellent for open faced, salmon and tuna, salad, sandwiches, as well as egg, salad, sandwiches! Toasted, and or with melted cheese on them in a toaster oven under the broiler element!

    These nine grain ciabatta buns, are absolutely fantastic for hamburgers! I, even shape my patties in the triangular form, as they, then fit the buns, perfectly, when I make burgers for these buns!

    Why, do I love these buns for hamburgers? Because these buns do not get sloppy, soggy, no matter how much, of your favourite condiments, you put into them! They hold their shape, wonderfully, while you’re eating your burger, right to the end! They, do not get soggy, and they do not fall apart, in your hand, like every other hamburger bun, I have ever tried!

    The last several months that I’ve looked for hamburger buns at Costco, they only carry one single kind! They used to carry the flat buns which allowed you to taste the condiments and burger, much better, but they don’t even carry these anymore! Why I don’t know why Costco does dumb things like that every once in a while! They carry an excellent product and then they stop selling it all of a sudden!

    I, have not been able to find, any decent hamburger buns, anywhere, for a number of years, in neither Costco‘s, or any other regular grocery store!

    All other uns, all fall apart, they all dry out, super quickly, all of them do not freeze well, they’re all very cheaply made, and they are all usually white, crappy tasting, burger buns!

    These nine grain ciabatta, buns, are fantastically, tasty, and as you stated they freeze beautifully! I, love how they chew with a burger patty in them, plus, they thaw absolutely beautifully, and are almost as fresh feeling, as the day you bought them, when they are thawed out, after freezing, and still a great texture, to be used for burgers, in the future, or for any other form, of sandwich!

    Plus, the price for 18 of them, is fantastic, considering how versatile they are! Also, having one of these as a hamburger with a fat patty in it, is equivalent to two regular sized hamburgers, with dry, crappy, white, fall-apart, soggy, cheap, untasted, small hamburger buns!

    Make yourself, one of these delicious ciabatta buns, burgers, with some french fries and you have a fantastic meal, add a little coleslaw and it’s heaven!

    I, would very highly, recommend these buns, to anyone that loves to do nice big fat, juicy hamburgers, with three or four different saucy condiments, plus your lettuce, tomato relish, onions, etc.! Highly recommend, to anyone, that doesn’t want their burgers to get soggy, and fall apart, halfway through eating them!

    The next time you are making burgers, give these a try, you will absolutely love them, for burgers, believe me! You will not be sorry, you simply cannot go wrong with these for hamburgers! Or any other, wonderfully delicious, tasty sandwich! As I mentioned, they’re also excellent for different types of tuna or salmon, salad or egg salad, as they do not get soggy with these either!

    Try them and enjoy, and you’ll wonder why you did not think of this sooner!

    BTW: Love your reviews Natalie, keep making the fantastic Costco reviews! Thank you for taking the time to do this for all of us, Costco, foodie lovers!


    Don’t have a nice day, “HAVE A GREAT DAY!”




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