Costco Pirate’s Booty Rice & Corn Puffs Review

If you enjoy snacks like Cheetos and Doritos and want to switch it up, these Pirate’s Booty Rice & Corn Puffs from Costco might be for you! The company sells a variety of cheese-based flavors of these light and crunchy puffs. If you’re wondering how they compare to other similar snack foods in terms of taste and nutritional information, you’ve come to the right place.

Top down image of Costco Pirate's Booty Rice & Corn Puffs bag sitting on a table.
Costco Pirate’s Booty Rice & Corn Puffs.

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Location in Store

I bought this at the Kalispell, Montana Costco and the item number is 963966. The Pirate’s Booty was located in the snack section at Costco, near all the other chips.

Top down image of a bowl of Pirate's Booty.
Ready to eat!


I’ve seen a lot of people posting on social media about how much they like Pirate’s Booty but after trying it, I don’t think it’s anything special. The texture is crunchy and light like Cheeto’s.

The puffs taste like any other cheddar puffs I’ve tried. It’s a similar snack to popcorn but there aren’t any kernels and it’s very light. It just melts in your mouth. The aged cheddar flavor is pretty good and strong but not noticeably pungent like some aged cheese flavors are.

Closeup image of a hand holding one Pirate's Booty puff close to the camera.
Very light and crunchy!


The 510-gram bag costs $6.99 USD which isn’t cheap for just some rice and corn puffs but it’s a pretty decent-sized bag so I wouldn’t say it’s overly expensive either.

Image of the back of the bag of Pirate's Booty showing nutrition facts and a treasure hunt on the back of the bag.
There’s a treasure hunt on the back of the bag to look at while you munch!


I wish the bag resealed because I tend to only snack on things like this during the weekend so it will take me a while to finish a bag. The best-before date listed on the bag is about seven months from when I purchased it.

Closeup image of the front of the bag showing that Pirate's Booty has no artificial colors or preservatives and are baked, not fried.
No artificial colors, or preservatives and they’re baked not fried!

My toddler loves these puffs as a special snack and I think adults will enjoy them too. They’re great as a movie, camping or road trip snack.



A 28-gram or one-ounce serving contains 140 calories, six grams of fat, 190 milligrams of sodium, 18 grams of carbohydrates, zero grams of fiber, one gram of sugar and two grams of protein.

28 grams may not seem like a big serving, because it’s not. One thing to keep in mind though is how light the Pirate’s Booty is. It weighs very little so the serving size is most likely more significant than you think.

Image of the nutrition facts for the Pirate's Booty from the back of the bag.
Nutrition facts.


The ingredients list is pretty simple but not exactly nutritious. The puffs are made of cornmeal and rice flour so therefore are gluten-free. They’re not dairy-free though, there’s cheese, whey and buttermilk listed as as ingredients.

I don’t love the use of canola oil and corn oil but that’s very typical in products like this.

Image of the ingredients list from the back of the bag.


Taste: 7.5/10

Cost: 7/10

Convenience: 9.5/10 (I wish the bag resealed).

Nutrition: 2/10 (Not super high in calories or fat but not nutritious).


Give it a try!

If you like cheesy puffs you’ll probably like these, I don’t think they’re amazing but they’re tasty enough!

Have you tried Pirate’s Booty before? What did you think of it? Leave a comment below!

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