Costco Ruprecht Irish Stew Review

Stew isn’t really something we make at home on our own but we eat a lot of meat, potatoes and vegetables so it’s more about lack of time than lack of interest! This Costco Ruprecht Irish Stew solves the lack of time problem by offering a comforting meal that’s fully cooked and just needs reheating.

Image of the Costco Ruprecht Irish Stew box sitting on a table unopened.
Costco Ruprecht Irish Stew.

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Top down image of a bowl of stew served beside a spoon.
So hearty!

Location in Store

I found this in the refrigerated deli section in Kona, Hawaii. However, we also have it in Canada too! In both Hawaii and Canada the item number is Hawaii is 13702.

Closeup image of a spoon with a piece of beef on it hovering over a bowl.
The beef is tender.


This is comfort food for sure! The broth/gravy is really nice but tastes a bit heavy and is also somewhat greasy from the fat. It’s salty but not overly and my 21-month-old loved just sipping the gravy!

Closeup top down image of a bowl of stew.
Big chunks of beef and potatoes.

The stew contains potatoes, carrots and beef chunks. The carrots aren’t super flavorful, they remind me of those baby carrots you buy at the grocery store that don’t have much flavor.

Top down image of stew simmering in a saucepan on top of the stove.
Heating the stew takes just minutes!

The texture of the carrots is firm but not rock-hard. The potatoes also lack flavor but are still good, they’re soft but not too mushy.

Closeup image of a spoon with carrots, potatoes and beef on it hovering over a bowl of stew.
Very filling!

The beef is really tender and falls apart with a fork, there are some chunks of fat in the beef but not many. I’ll note that numerous white chunks of fat were sitting in the stew before I cooked it. I tried to remove a bunch but kept some flavor.

Image of a bowl of stew on a green placemat beside a spoon.
Ready to eat!


The cost of the stew varies by weight. I paid $19.08 USD in Hawaii for my 2.94-pound box of stew and in Canada the cost is is $6.39 Canadian per pound.

Top down image of a plastic bag of stew unopened sitting on a table.
The stew comes in a plastic sous vide bag.


The stew is refrigerated when you buy it but I’m sure you could also freeze it. The best-before date is only three weeks from when we purchased it. There are three different heating methods listed on the box, stove top in a pan, microwave or heating the bag in simmering water on the stovetop.

Image of the heating instructions for the stew from the back of the box.
Heating instructions.

I heated my stew by pouring it into a saucepan and cooking it on the stove and it turned out great. This is a full meal so you really don’t need any sides with it but if you’re wanting sides I’d recommend some crusty bed or a side salad.

Image of the back of the box of stew showing ingredients, nutrition facts and cooking instructions.
Although it’s called Irish stew it’s made in Illinois!



One cup of stew contains 230 calories, six grams of fat, 800 milligrams of sodium, 20 grams of carbohydrates, two grams of fiber, three grams of sugar and 24 grams of protein.

That’s not as many calories or fat as I expected for one cup! The sodium is high but I think that’s pretty expected.

Image of the nutrition facts for the strew from the back of the box.
Nutrition facts.


The ingredients list is pretty decent in terms of not having a ton of chemicals or additives. Of course making your own stew at home just requires a few simple ingredients and is less processed but convenient foods typically have quite a few ingredients.

The stew appears to be gluten-free as well as dairy-free!

Image of the ingredients for the stew from the back of the box.


Taste: 7.5/10

Cost: 7/10

Convenience: 9.5/10

Nutrition: 5/10


Give it a try!

If you’re a stew fan but don’t have the time or energy to make it, I’d try this! It goes well with some crusty bread!

Have you tried this Irish stew from Costco? What did you think of it? Drop a comment below!

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2 thoughts on “Costco Ruprecht Irish Stew Review”

  1. It’s very delicious & RICH. However it is quite salter that I have to divide it into 2 meals by recooking each meal with more potatoes & carrots with the provided gravy.
    One meal I mixed the stew with pasta, the 2nd meal over rice.
    Since I cannot change the national culture, it inspired me to seek for a recipe with the identical ingredients; but with LOW SODIUM (Morton) salt. I got the same taste & not having to divide it into 2 meals.


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