Costco Smart Sweets Sourmelon Bites Review

Are you looking to replace your candy with less sugary and that has more fiber? The Costco Smart Sweets Sourmelon Bites only have three grams of sugar per pouch, are plant-based, gluten-free and high in fiber. But do they taste at all like the classic less healthy sour watermelon candies people love so much?

Costco Smart Sweets Sourmelon Bites box sitting on a table.
Costco Smart Sweets Sourmelon Bites.

I’m not a huge candy person, I prefer chocolate and cookies but I enjoy it in small quantities, especially if it seems like a healthier version than regular gummy candies! The bright packaging on the Costco Smart Sweets Sourmelon Bites is what caught my eye and made me want to purchase them to review.

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Location in Store

You can find the Smart Sweets candy in the snack section, near the front of the store. The item number is 1532721.


They’re sour but not as sour as I expected them to be. The initial flavor is sweet and sour combined and the sour flavor lingers for quite some time. The end flavor is sweet. There’s a definite watermelon taste, there’s no doubt these are sour watermelon candies.

Four sourmelon bites, closeup image of two green and two pink in the palm of a hand.

What I don’t love is the aftertaste, it isn’t great and there is kind of a chemical taste to it. There are two colors of candy in the pouch, pink and green. I tasted both seperately and can say they taste the same. The texture of the candy is soft and extremely chewy, these stick to my teeth so badly!

In summary, the flavor of the sour watermelon is there but they don’t taste quite like the classic sour watermelon candies.

Costco Smart Sweets Sourmelon Bites box showing "smartly sweetened without sugar alcohols".
Sweetened without sugar alcohols.


The box comes with five 50 gram pouches of sourmelon bites and costs $11.89 Canadian. Which is expensive in my opinion!

Image of one Smart Sweet Sourmelon Bites pouch of candy, unopened.
One pouch has about sixteen small candies.


Each pouch is 50 grams and I counted sixteen candies in one pouch. The best before date is about six months from the date I purchased the candies.

These are great for someone with a sweet tooth who’s watching their sugar intake and wanting some additional fibre in their diet! Because the candies come in small, individual pouches they’re very easy to bring along with you as a sweet treat.



One pouch is 130 calories, zero grams of fat, 40 grams of carbohydrates, 17 grams of fibre, three grams of sugar, zero grams of protein and 95 milligrams of sodium. That’s quite a large amount of fibre, which may upset some stomachs! There’s a decent amount of carbohydrates per pack too, they’re not low carb.

Smart Sweet Sourmelon Bites Nutrition Facts from box.
Nutrition facts.


Wow, there are a lot of ingredients! The Smart Sweets candies are gluten-free, plant-based and have no sugar alcohols. Some of the ingredients may upset stomachs though like the first ingredient, isomalto-oligosaccharides.

Ingredients from box.

The box states the candies are naturally flavored but I don’t see anywhere that says “watermelon juice concentrate” so I’m not sure what these are flavored with as there’s only a vague “natural flavors” listed.


Taste: 7/10

Cost: 5/10

Convenience: 10/10

Nutrition: 3/10 (Just because they’re low in sugar and high in fibre it doesn’t mean they’re good for you).


Give it a try!

I prefer the Costco Smart Sweets Peach Rings or Sweet Fish, these are my least favorite but I could see a lot of people really enjoying them. I think they’re pretty tasty, just not my fave!

What do you think of Smart Sweets candies?

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