Costco Crunchmaster Multi-Grain Crackers Review

The Costco Crunchmaster Multi-Grain Baked Crackers are made in a peanut-free facility, have no artificial colors or flavors, are certified gluten-free and are vegan. These crackers don’t look very exciting or enticing but maybe the look of them is a little deceiving.

Costco Crunchmaster Multi-Grain Crackers.

Crackers are something I’ve enjoyed since just a little girl, I’m pretty sure I brought cheese and crackers for school lunch every day from grade 1 to 6. I’ve tried a variety of crackers from Costco but I’ve never had these Crunchmaster Multi-Gain Baked Crackers before even though I’ve seen them at my local Costco for years.

Other crackers I like from Costco are the Innofoods Keto Crackers, Simple Mills Almond Flour Crackers, Mary’s Organic Crackers, Schwartz’s Brothers Bakery Organic Everything Bagel Chips, RW Garcia Lentil with Tumeric Crackers, Food Should Taste Good Multigrain Tortilla Chips and the Carr’s Entertainment Cracker Collection.

Location in Store

These crackers are in the aisle with the pasta sauce and pasta as well as the other crackers. The item number is 144571.

Top down image of a white bowl full of crackers.
They look dry and plain to me but are delicious.


I initially thought these crackers would be boring and pretty plain tasting but I really like them. The texture of the crackers is light, crispy and crunchy. They’re thick enough to use with dips like hummus.

Closeup image of a hand holding one cracker.
You can see the sesame seeds and quinoa!

The flavor is salty and slightly nutty from the sesame. There’s also a noticeable soy flavor. The crackers are flavorful but also really versatile, you can pair these with many different kinds of cheese, cold cuts and dips.


The 567-gram box of crackers costs $10.99 Canadian, there are two separate bags of crackers in the box.

Top down image of the two bags of crackers that come in the box.
There are two bags of crackers in the box.


As I said before, these are really versatile. I like them just on their own but also tried them with the Fontaine Sante Spinach Dip from Costco and that was delicious. The best-before date is about ten months from when I purchased the crackers.

Unfortunately, the bags don’t reseal so I wrap an elastic band around my opened bag and store them in a Ziploc.



Ten crackers contain 90 calories, three and a half grams of fat, 75 milligrams, 14 grams of carbohydrates, one gram of fibre, zero grams of sugar and two grams of protein. That’s not bad for ten crackers! I eat four or five of these as a snack and feel pretty satiated.

Nutrition facts label for the crackers from the box.
Nutrition facts.


The crackers contain sesame and soy but are dairy-free and gluten-free. The ingredients list is short and sweet and has some healthy ingredients like quinoa seeds, sesame seeds and flax seeds. They use soy tamari, which is similar to soy sauce but gluten-free.

Costco Crunchmaster Multi-Grain Crackers ingredients label from the box.


Taste: 9/10

Cost: 8/10

Convenience: 10/10

Nutrition: 8/10


Must buy!

These are plain and simple but I love the overall flavor and texture!

Have you had these crackers? What do you think of them?

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4 thoughts on “Costco Crunchmaster Multi-Grain Crackers Review”

  1. I buy these crackers all the time because they are delicious and quite healthy in terms of a cracker. Definitely a Must Buy in my opinion too.

  2. We love these crackers at our house. My pantry is always stocked. My kids call them “the yummy crackers”. My mom has celiac so they are a must at every family function.

  3. My wife found these crackers to be the least desirable of the Costco lineup. She is a cracker connoisseur after all. She mentioned the texture being really hard and that they were lacking in taste.

    Crackers aren’t my thing so I reserve my opinion and haven’t even had them for quite a long time.


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