Costco Delici Belgian Chocolate Mousse Review

When you stop and think about it, Costco sells some pretty amazing desserts! They have a variety of options that not only taste great but also look amazing. Quite a few of them come from the company Delici, and they’re back with another elegant-looking offering: this Delici Belgian Chocolate Mousse (which is actually made in Belgium!). Is it good enough to stand out from the crowd of strong dessert options available at Costco?

Top down image of the Costco Delici Belgian Chocolate Mousse pack sitting on a table unopened.
Costco Delici Belgian Chocolate Mousse.

Other Delici products from Costco are the Delici Belgian Chocolate Souffle, Delici Sea Salt Caramel Mousse, Delici Chocolate S’mores Souffle, Delici Artisan Bonbons and the Delici Mini Patisserie Desserts. Similar desserts from Costco from other brands are the JM Desserts Chocolate Mousse, Dessert Italiano Caramel Macchiato, Dessert Italian Tiramisu and the Marie Morin Creme Brulee.

Location in Store

This is located in the refrigerated deli section at Costco, near the cheese, cold-cut meats and dips. The item number is 1739150.

Side view image of the mousse package showing what's in each cup.
Each cup has chocolate cookie crumbs, chocolate sauce, mousse and ganache.


Five of us tried these and we all thought they were absolutely delicious. They’re quite decadent and rich so one small cup is the perfect size. I think you have to like chocolate to enjoy these. They’re sweet but not super sweet, which I appreciate.

Sideview image of one chocolate mousse cup sitting on a table beside a spoon, unopened.
These are so decadent!

These have a velvety chocolate mousse, dark chocolate sauce, dark chocolate ganache and chocolate cookie crumbs all in one cup. The texture is smooth and creamy.

Top down image of the top of an opened mousse cup showing the dark chocolate ganache on top.
Creamy and velvety smooth.

Although there are “chocolate cookie crumbs” in the mousse, to me it tastes more like chocolate cake crumbs because there isn’t any crunchiness coming from the crumbs. Overall, I thought these were very chocolaty, rich and delicious.

Sideview image of a hand with a spoon lifting mousse out of the cup showing the texture and appearance of the mousse.
I do not recommend spoonfuls this big!


The pack of six 76-gram cups costs $13.99 Canadian. Each cup isn’t very big but because they’re so rich I wouldn’t want anymore in a single serving. I think the price is definitely a bit high due to the glass cup packaging and the novelty of the item.

Closeup image of a hand holding one mousse cup unopened showing all the different layers in the cup.
All the layers.


The best-before date is around six weeks from when I purchased them and the mousse needs to be kept refrigerated. The glass cups can be washed in the dishwasher and reused for things like yogurt parfait!

I wouldn’t hesitate to serve these to guests or have them as a bit of a treat after a nice dinner at home.

Image of the back of the package of the mousse cups showing the ingredients, nutrition facts, where it's made.
Made in Belgium!



One cup contains 280 calories, 19 grams of fat, 22 grams of carbohydrates, two grams of fibre, 19 grams of sugar, two grams of protein and 70 milligrams of sodium. I’m not surprised at all by the calories, fat or sugar.

I actually suspected there would be more sugar than there is, 19 grams isn’t that high for such a tasty treat.

Image of the nutrition facts from the mousse package.
Nutrition facts.


The mousse contains milk and wheat and may contain soy, eggs, hazelnuts, pistachios and almonds.

There are a few ingredients I don’t love seeing like glucose syrup, palm oil and canola oil. Also if you avoid any small or trace amounts of alcohol, this has alcohol listed as an ingredient.

Image of the ingredients list for the mousse from the back of the package.


Taste: 9/10

Cost: 6/10

Convenience: 10/10

Nutrition: 0/10


Must buy!

I would buy these again and everyone I served them to really loved them. They’re perfect for a chocolate lover.

Have you tried these Costco Delici Belgian Chocolate Mousse desserts? What did you think of them?

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5 thoughts on “Costco Delici Belgian Chocolate Mousse Review”

  1. Why have the DELICI Belgium Chocolate Mousse cups been removed from the shelves? They were one of the best desserts sold by Costco. Please bring them back. Sooooo many people want them back.

  2. i love these. also it would be very tasty to be served with ice creame as well. they are very rich, and what i do is freeze them and have them as special treats, it is hard not to eat the whole thing,at one go. well anyway they are worth every bite, besides there are the cool glasses to keep afterwards to present other favourite desserts in too.

  3. We have purchased these chocolate mousse treats several times. They are particularly good when you squirt a little whipped cream on top. Take a few bites and then squirt a little more whipped cream. What we lack in decorum is offset by a fun and very tasty experience.


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