Costco Innofoods Garden Crisp Crackers Review

Costco offers a pretty solid selection of crackers. The Simple Mills Almond Flour Crackers are my favorite, but I’ve reviewed plenty of others (see the next paragraph for a list of some of them). These Innofoods Garden Crisp Crackers caught my eye because they’re gluten-free and loaded with vegetables. The bag actually claims they’re “over 50% real vegetables”. I immediately thought of the classic Vegetable Thins crackers when I saw this, and these Garden Crisp Crackers actually are very similar in taste. Anyway, read on to find out why I love these crackers so much that I’ll be repurchasing them!

Image of the Costco Innofoods Garden Crisp Crackers bag sitting on a table.
Costco Innofoods Garden Crisp Crackers.

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Closeup image of a hand holding one cracker close to the camrera with a bowl of crackers in the background.
You can really see the vegetables in the crackers.

Location in Store

You can find these crackers in the aisle with the granola, jams, nut butter and other boxed crackers. The item number is 1703067.


I love these crackers! I can’t believe they’re gluten-free, I think they’re one of the best gluten-free crackers I’ve had and don’t think many people would notice they’re gluten-free if they weren’t already told. The texture of the crackers is thick, hard and crunchy which means these are perfect for dips and spreads.

Top down image of a white bowl full of the crackers.
Perfect on their own.

The flavor reminds me a lot of Christie Vegetable Thins if you’ve ever had those. They’re very flavorful but you can’t really taste one specific vegetable but can immediately tell they’re vegetable-flavored crackers. The black pepper is noticeable as well as the rosemary extract.


The 454-gram bag of crackers costs $9.99 Canadian at Costco which in my opinion is totally worth it for these delicious plant-based, organic, gluten-free delightful crackers.

Image of the back of the bag of crackers showing they're gluten-free, organic and have no artificial flavors or colors.
Organic, gluten-free and no artificial flavors or colors.


The bag reseals which I really appreciate because it keeps my crackers tasting fresh for longer. The bag recommends storing the crackers in a cool, dry place and the best-before date is ten months from when I purchased them.

Closeup image of the front of the bag of Innofoods Garden Crsip Crackers.
The crackers have spinach, kale, red pepper and carrot in them.

I’ve been eating these for the past week and I enjoy them alone. They’re so flavorful that I just don’t feel the need to pair them with hummus or any other dips. They’d be fine with cheese but if you want a cracker to snack on alone these are great for that.



Eight crackers contain 80 calories, three and a half grams of fat, 12 grams of carbohydrates, one gram of fibre, one gram of sugar, one gram of protein and 140 milligrams of sodium.

Image of the nutrition facts from the back of the bag.
Nutrition facts.


I really like the ingredients list! There are lots of vegetables, gluten-free flour and some herbs and seasonings – that’s pretty much it. Yes, there’s cane sugar and vegetable oil, which aren’t the healthiest, but I’m not surprised by the addition of those two ingredients in a cracker.

The crackers are gluten-free, dairy-free, organic, Non-GMO and are baked instead of fried but may contain tree nuts.

Image of the ingredients list from the back of the bag.


Taste: 9/10

Cost: 8/10

Convenience: 10/10

Nutrition: 7/10


Must buy!

I’m totally finishing my bag of these crackers and wouldn’t hesitate to buy them again. If you’re unsure because you’re not following a gluten-free, plant-based diet you really can’t tell that these are any different than other crackers available.

Have you tried these crackers before? What are your thoughts on them?

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19 thoughts on “Costco Innofoods Garden Crisp Crackers Review”

  1. I love these cracker and will purchase again if I can find them but agree with other commenters that the bag contained a lot of broken crackers. I didn’t care so much as I just ate them plain and found them super flavourful and just a hint of spice (heat). Love them but it seems my Costco in BC is also out of them.

  2. I have purchased this product and will not again as a large number of them are broken. In this bag only 12 were whole. Estimating how many you have consumed challenges my lessons in grade school about fractions!

  3. I phoned your Customer Service and left a message – we purchased your crackers and really love them but they are all broken up in pieces in the bag. Very unfortunate.
    I have a picture if you would like to see it.
    Hope you can send me a new package that is not broken up.
    Thank you.

  4. Think I got a bad batch of these. My crackers are darker brown in color and 90% of them are broken. I have never returned a food item to Costco but to pay $9.99 for a bag of broken crackers is a bit much. They are tasty though and I would buy again but only if on sale. The manufacturer should also consider using a box for these crackers as they break easily.

  5. Bought these at Costco in Calgary. Have been unable to find them again. Im hoping that Costco will stock these again.

  6. I’m in Ottawa. I haven’t been able to get them for two months. I was told that they took them off the order list. The company in BC now lists them for $25 a bag if they have to be shipped anywhere.

  7. Garden Crisp Crackers are amazing, good. Bought them once at Winnipeg Costco and haven’t been able to buy them again. Will they be returning to Costco?

  8. I just purchased these last week for sale price. They are very tasty with a hint of spice. They are very hard in texture and that is why i would not buy them again. Would be very hard for some to eat. Otherwise they are good. also to mention most of my crackers were broken in the bag when opened and no i did not throw them around lol


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