Costco Zinetti Internationals Dan Dan Noodles Review

Costco has some great Asian-themed dishes, so these Zinetti Internationals Dan Dan Noodles are up against tough competition! The photo on the pacakge looks appetizing enough, but I didn’t love Zinetti’s lasagna offering when I tried it a few years back, so I had pretty low expectations for these noodles when I put them in my cart. Were they good enough to win me over and even earn a repeat purchase, or are you better off looking at Costco’s other options the next time you’re craving Asian-themed food?

Too down image of the Costco Zinetti Internationals Dan Dan Noodles tray unopened sitting on a table.
Costco Zinetti Internationals Dan Dan Noodles.

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Location in Store

This is located in the freezer section at Costco and I bought this here in Canada. The item number is 1697073.

Closeup image of the front of the Zinetti International's Dan Dan Noodles front label.
Szechuan-style spicy noodles with pork.


My noodles didn’t seem cooked after eight minutes in the microwave, so I added three more minutes. They probably could have even used another minute or two on top of that. I had them in a very cold deep freeze before I cooked them though.

I wasn’t quite sure what to think about the noodles when I plated them. They definitely don’t look as appetizing as they do on the package! They look more like a weird spaghetti dish than Asian-style noodles. Fortunately, they do taste better than they look (but that’s not saying much).

Top down image of a tray of cooked Dan Dan Noodles.
It doesn’t look the most appetizing.

Aside from that, the other thing you need to know about these Dan Dan Noodles is that they’re pretty spicy! I wasn’t expecting as much heat as there was. You need to have at least a moderate tolerance for spiciness to enjoy them. I didn’t mind it, but I enjoy spicy food.

Taste wise I would say the main flavor I noticed was the sesame. The dish also has some sweetness to it, likely from the honey. The spinach and green onion add some texture, but not a whole lot of flavor.

Top down image of a white plate with a serving of Dan Dan Noodles served on it.
Ready to eat!

The noodles themselves reminded me a lot of spaghetti. They didn’t really seem like quite the right noodles for an Asian-style dish. The ground pork was fine. It seemed to have more soy sauce flavor then the rest of the dish.

I’m not a fan of these noodles. They’re okay at best. I suspect I’d probably like them less without the heat, because it kind of masks some otherwise bland and unexciting flavors. I didn’t finish my serving and I won’t be eating my other pack.


The 1.8-kilogram package comes with two 900-gram trays of noodles and costs $14.99 Canadian.

Top down image of two unopened trays of Dan Dan Noodles sitting on a table.
There are two trays of noodles in the package.


There are only microwave instructions on the packaging for the noodles and you cook them from frozen in the tray they come in. They’re done in just 10 minutes!

Image of the cooking instructions from the back of the package.
Cooking instructions.

The noodles need to be kept frozen and the best before date is seven months from when I purchased them. These noodles definitely need some additional vegetables added to them in my opinion so one tray isn’t really a full-meal-deal in my opinion, it requires tweaking.

Closeup side view image of a fork with Dan Dan Noodles on it, in the background of the image is a white plate with noodles on it.
The noodles remind me of spaghetti.

The Zinetti Dan Dan Noodles from Costco are extremely convenient but they’re not tasty so that defeats the purpose of them being convenient.



A third of one tray contains 640 calories, 40 grams of fat, 52 grams of fat, six grams of fibre, five grams of sugar, 20 grams of protein and 930 milligrams of sodium. This isn’t low in calories, fat, or sodium! 40 grams of fat is quite a bit and 930 milligrams of sodium isn’t anything to scoff at.

Some meals are worth the calories, fat and sodium but not this one.

Image of the nutrition facts for the noodles from the package.
Nutrition facts.


I have to commend the ingredients list, it’s all ingredients I can pronounce and know what they are. There isn’t a lot of chemicals or additives either. The Dan Dan Noodles contain sesame, soy and wheat and may contain egg, milk and mustard.

Image of the ingredients for the Dan Dan Noodles from the packaging.


Taste: 3/10

Cost: 6/10

Convenience: 10/10

Nutrition: 2/10 (points for the protein I guess?)


Walk on by!

I can’t recommend even trying these Dan Dan Noodles. I didn’t like them and neither did my husband or my parents. There are too many great Asian-themed foods at Costco to waste your money on this subpar one.

Have you tried the Costco Zinetti Internationals Dan Dan Noodles? Do you have anything positive to say about them?

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3 thoughts on “Costco Zinetti Internationals Dan Dan Noodles Review”

  1. Tried them too. My home made DanDan Mien is way better . You can buy the flavour pack from Asian stores and add to bone broth(I keep some in the freezer) drop a dollop of sesame paste to the fry bowl along with chopped pickled mustard greens. Thin Asian noodles in bowl and sauce on top with green onion. Pretty good

  2. Thanks for taking the hit for Team Costcuisine. Most unlikely that I would have purchased them anyway though. More and more, this perceived convenience is coming at a huge cost. Quality too as it seems like the lowest quality ingredients are being used and then covered up with some obscure flavourings

  3. Coincidentally I just watched a YouTube video of America’s Test Kitchen that featured a recipe for Dan Dan Mien (i.e. noodles). Given their’s was “home made” it certainly looked more appetizing than the Zinetti’s, but of course you can’t beat the convenience factor if that’s what you’re after. Thanks very much for your reviews! They’re informative and fun to read.


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