Costco Kirkland Signature Gooey Cinnamon Roll Review

Cinnamon buns are one of my favorite things. There are quite a few variations of this simple treat, even just at Costco – cinnamon danishes, cinnamon buns with cream cheese icing and mini cinnamon buns to name a few. This Kirkland Signature Gooey Cinnamon Roll is similar to other cinnamon buns with cream cheese icing, but it comes in an oven-safe pan so that it’s easy to heat the cinnamon rolls to maximize their gooeyness (and deliciousness!). It’s designed more for serving a small group than for taking out a single cinnamon roll at a time. Let’s be honest though, it would take a lot of self-control to eat just one of these Costco Pull-A-Part Gooey Cinnamon Rolls, if you can even figure out where each one starts and ends!

Image of an unopened circular aluminum container of the Costco Kirkland Signature Gooey Cinnamon Roll sitting on a table.
Costco Kirkland Signature Gooey Cinnamon Roll.

Other Costco bakery items I enjoy are the Kirkland Signature Coffee Cake, Kirkland Signature Banana Pecan Loaf, Kirkland Signature Pumpkin Pie, Kirkland Signature Raspberry Crumble Cookies, Kirkland Signature Almond Danishes, Kirkland Signature Cheese Buns, Kirkland Signature Mini Chocolate Chip Cookies and the Kirkland Signature Tuxedo Cake.

Location in Store

The Kirkland Signature Gooey Cinnamon Rolls are located in the bakery section at Costco and the item number is 1010124. I bought the cinnamon rolls in Kalispell, Montana. I’ve also seen this item labeled as a Cinnamon Pull-A-Part.

Closeup image of the front label on the cinnamol rolls showing ingredients, allergens and heating instructions along with product number.
The six-pack of cinnamon rolls isn’t cheap but they’re cheaper than a lot of bakeries.


I’ll say right off the top – this cinnamon roll is as good as it looks. It’s basically a giant Cinnabon. I baked my cinnamon roll for about seven minutes, and I kind of wish I’d done it for a bit longer. It was warm, but not hot.

Top down closeup image of the container of cinnamon rolls with the lid off, the rolls aren't heated yet.
Prior to baking.

It doesn’t come apart or out of the pan too easily – you’ll want to cut your pieces before removing them and probably separate them from the sides and bottom of the pan too. I don’t think that’s going to bother anyone too much though!

Top down closeup image of the container of cinnamon rolls with the lid off after the rolls have been heated.
Ooey gooey.

Taste wise it does remind me a lot of Cinnabon or other places like that. Gooey is a great description. The icing and the cinnamon mixture in the roll both add to the gooey goodness. It’s not too sweet and has a great buttery cinnamon flavor. You can tell there’s actual butter in it.

Closeup side view image of one cinnamon roll served on a white plate with a bites taken out of it so you can see the inside.
There’s a good amount of cinnamon!

The cream cheese icing is good too. It definitely tastes like cream cheese and isn’t too sweet. You don’t notice the cream cheese flavor as much as you eat the cinnamon roll. There isn’t quite as much icing as you’d find on a Cinnabon, so that’s probably part of it.

Top down image of one cinnamon roll served on a white plate, the icing is melted from being heated.
I love that there’s cream cheese icing.


There are six cinnamon rolls in the round container, which costs $12.99 USD. This isn’t exactly cheap, but it’s cheaper than buying Cinnarolls or Cinnzeo.

Closeup side view image of a fork with a piece of cinnamon roll on it, in the background is a white plate with a cinnamon roll on it.
So good!


The package has directions on how to heat the entire container of rolls in the oven which we did. Next time I think I’d cut rolls out individually and just microwave them because there’s no way Sean and I are eating an entire container of rolls in one sitting.

Image of the reheating instructions for the cinnamon rolls from the package.
Heating instructions.

The rolls can be easily frozen and despite heating the whole aluminum tray of rolls we froze some.

Image of the aluminum container of cinnamon rolls in an oven on the middle rack baking.
Heating in the oven.



One roll contains 250 calories, 10 grams of fat, 200 milligrams of sodium, 35 grams of carbohydrates, one gram of fiber, 16 grams of sugar and four grams of protein.

That’s not that terrible for a cinnamon roll, I was expecting more calories, fat and carbs to be honest! I absolutely love cinnamon rolls so they’re worth every calorie in my opinion.


The ingredients list is pretty typical for a cinnamon roll, flour, sugar, butter, brown sugar and cream cheese! The rolls contain wheat, milk, egg and soy and may contain peanuts, tree nuts and sesame.

Image of the cinnamon roll ingredients from the package.


Taste: 10/10

Cost: 9/10

Convenience: 10/10

Nutrition: 0/10


Must buy!

This Gooey Cinnamon Roll belongs in the Costco bakery hall of fame. It’s sure to delight almost anyone.

Have you tried these cinnamon rolls from the Costco bakery? What did you think of them?

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14 thoughts on “Costco Kirkland Signature Gooey Cinnamon Roll Review”

  1. The best rolls by far. As far as price goes, at 12.99 that is a bargain!!! Guys, that is only 2.20 cents per role. I realize we were used to cheaper prices, but break it down to one roll for only 2.20. We don’t microwave or bake the whole pan, , just cut individually heat in the oven to 225 and let the icing and going stuff melt all around. OMG! we are eating some in about 5 mins. Now I need to know if I can freeze the whole pan, as I would like to put 2 more in the freezer if at all possible. Thanks Costco for a delicious treat!

  2. Best I have ever tasted. These gooey cinnamon roles are outstanding. This was my first time buying them. I try to bake my own deserts so I rairly buy premade. The frosting is outstanding and the roles are baked perfect. I know, $12,99 but you get 6 big roles. Most specialty bakerys will charge alot more then that, at least $5.00 per role. Try them once. You wont be disappointed.

  3. Not impressed with the new cinnamon rolls. They jumped from 6.99 to 12.99 and even after microwaving they are not very soft. Over priced and over baked.

  4. SOOOOO amazing!! They are expensive (12.99) but bought them
    As a special treat. I only eat half of one at a time even thought I could eat the whole thing!! I really like the frosting. I expected it to be way too sweet but it has just the right amount of sweetness! Extremely hard to limit myself to just a half of one!!

  5. They are as good as they look. They are delicious and gooey fun. Microwave for 15 seconds and you’re all set to enjoy to your hearts content. Definitely recommend. 10/10 in my book. Yum yum 🤤

  6. Oh my goodness, now I want some!! They sound fab. I don’t have a sweet tooth but a bit of a weakness for a good cinnamon roll. Must admit, for me, toasted pecans would put it over the top, along with a slather of butter lol 🤤. Thanks for your review. Now I’ll have to check my warehouse.


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